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DS takes SO long to eat.

Venting, but please tell me if you have suggestions.

DS is an amazing eater. He eats a well balanced diet and sometimes eats more than I do..... but it often takes him a very very long time to eat. He likes to chat, which is a good thing to do at the family table. He also chews each bite a LOT of times. 

I have found that he cant watch tv, and can not have milk with any meals (milk fills him up too much). I am also cutting back on snacks. Instead of having a set snack time I am going to only give a snack if he asks for one. That seems to make him more hungry for his meals and eat a little faster.

DH and I struggle with this, b/c it's great that he talks with us at the table, great that he chews well and eating slowly is not really a bad thing. But there are times when we have stuff to do and can't spend an hour on a bowl of oatmeal.


Like I said, venting, but please share if you have ideas on this topic!

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Re: DS takes SO long to eat.

  • I have no suggestions but wanted to say you are not alone. DS starts preschool Monday and I am concerned about breakfast. He eats so slowly that we are going to have to start breakfast an hour before we have to leave which is ridiculous IMO and drives me nuts.
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  • I just remembered that I had this problem with DD a year ago when we started preschool (the 1st time).  It may seem wrong, but I fed her in the car.  She'd have milk and a cereal bar and usually something else.  I had to leave the house at 7, drop her off at 7:30 to make it to work at 7:45am.  All on the dot or I'd be late for work.  I didn't have time for the variable of if she'd eat or how long it would take.  It just wasn't a choice.  I battled her enough on getting dressed until I started dressing her while she was still sleeping/just waking up.  Many people are willing to get up before 6 to get ready for work.  I am not :)

    DD ate dinner in the car tonight because we needed to go feed my brother's cats, and DD was so tired I knew she needed to go to bed at 7.  Sleep seemed more important than sitting down this time (esp since DH is working late). 

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  • I think it's great you have such a good eater! My kids are terribly picky. Plus, I can't get DS to WANT to stay at chat at the table. Enjoy that!

    That being said, have you tried setting a timer? If you have 20 minutes for breakfast in the morning, for example, make that clear to him up front and set a timer for that long. Give warnings as you go so he can pace himself. It might take him a few days (and he might leave the table hungry a few times), but he should get the hang of the new pace. And it might be a fun game! And then maybe he can enjoy a more leisurely meal as a special treat on the weekends or days when you have more time. 

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  • I can relate! My son takes forever to eat as well and loves to chat with us during mealtimes. If we have somewhere that we have to be, we just start his meal earlier than usual to make sure he has enough to finish. It bothers me sometimes that he takes so long to eat, but it's better than him running around and getting into trouble. :-)
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