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Is everyone okay with the fires?

It's getting pretty scary around here. How's everyone doing?

Re: Is everyone okay with the fires?

  • They haven't come near where I live, but they aren't far.  DH saw the most recent one (Camp Bullis/Fair Oaks) on his way home.  Here's hoping we get a freak rain storm : /
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  • Fires got pretty close to us last weekend. It was a little nerve racking. But everything is good. And the rain today was amazing! Now it we could just have this happen for the next 3 months straight!

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  • Thankfully no fires in our area, but holy cow was my asthma acting up! it was terrible! Leaving work during my lunch break had me gasping! I had to break down and bring out the inhaler and nebulizer machine.

     So glad the fires are calm now!

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