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What to do about a screamer??

my little girl is 8 months and just started this load screaming all the time thing. it is mostly of excitement but I is all the time now. We cant even go to a restaurant? any ideas or tips. She is a very happy and well behaved girl but this new thing has thrown us for a loop. 

Re: What to do about a screamer??

  • My daughter does this too.  All the freaking time.  Far as I know, it's just one of those stages and you have to wait it out.  I'm crossing my fingers this is a very short stage.

    My DCP has 5 kids of her own, and she doesn't have any solutions, either. 


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  • Do you mean the high pitched ear piercing squealing? if so ... Roman does it CONSTANTLY... my neighbor came and spoke to me about it a few days ago Embarrassed (she is a nurse who works shift work) she was lovely about it.. but its becoming a bit much for her.

     i have no idea what to do about it ... i really need to do something.

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  • DS does it, too, mainly when he's super excited or when I run the blender (?). I think it's just one of their phases. He has done it a couple of different times, but each time I swear he reaches new shrieking levels never reached by any baby before.

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  • I have the same problem too. C tends to only do it in the jumperoo. I think it may just be showing excitement, but it is LOUD.
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  • We're in the same boat here and totally not looking forward to being around people on a long flight we have to take later this month.  Sometimes if we distract him by talking to him in a high pitched voice or squeaking a toy, he'll stop... but sometimes that just adds to the noise.

    Our DS shrieks are so high pitched that they set off our wireless doorbell and make the neighborhood dogs go crazy! 

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