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Sleep problems?

I usually sleep like the dead- lights out at 10:00 and I don't stire again until it's time to go to work. Suddenly in the last week I just can't sleep. I find that I have crazy dreams and then am stuck awake (they're more about work or generic stress than anything else and don't seem baby related). I get hot and then cold. I just don't get it.

Is anyone else having issues? Have you found any tricks that are helping? I'm assuming that this has to do with biological changes, but I just don't know.

Can we take melatonin or is that a no-no? I just am exhuasted right now- though I suppose this is good training for new born.


Re: Sleep problems?

  • I have such an effed up sleeping pattern as it is (don't fall asleep until 3 or 4am..up around noon)..but last night I just could not get comfy.  I don't know what the deal is. 

     Speaking of dreams...holy crap, Batman.  These dreams are crazy!! 

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  • O the dreams! I just txted my friend that she was the main star last night! Educating me on arctic animals while running around drunk off her behind! Nothing baby related - just extremely strange! I usually wake up twice during the night now - and I try to just roll over and fall asleep again. So far that's working, but it puts me off my schedule and I tend to sleep in. I am starting back at work tomorrow so that has to change real quick!
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  • I can't get comfortable these days.  I'm trying to sleep on my side now and it's just not comfy for me.  Then I get up at least twice a night to pee and I'm STARVING so early in the morning.  I haven't had the dreams yet, but def. not sleeping the way I used to.
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  • I've always had sleep problems and they have gotten nothing but worse with pregnancy.  I talked to the doc...melatonin is a no-no (that's what I used pre-preg) but she said take tylenol pm (makes me groggy) or half a benedryl.  I am going to try the benedryl this weekend to see how it makes me feel because I can't make it through the work day these days. 

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  • I go to sleep exhausted by 10 wake up at 1230 to pee and force myself to go back to sleep, wake up 1 go pee force myself to sleep again. At around 2 sometimes, if I'm lucky, 3 I'm up. I used to get up and watch tv but now I lay in bed and wait for H's alarm to go off at 4. Then come 7 am go back to sleep and sleep til 12. Clearly I'm not working.

    Tylenol pm doesn't make me sleep any longer than I do. I joke that I think my body is preparing me for motherhood because from 1-3 baby is moving around. 

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  • I sucked it up and ordered a pregnancy pillow several weeks ago (the Snoogle) and that has actually helped me a lot. I'm now only waking up once in the middle of the night to pee me, rather than basically every hour on the hour.

    And I agree about the dreams. They are nuts! 

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  • I've always been a heavy sleeper-- never woke up to pee, eat, storms etc.   Now, I'm up all the time.  At least once to pee, often so hungry I get up and eat something.

    I don't understand why we don't sleep better in preg.  You'd think our bodies would say "oh, I should bank up on sleep because soon I won't be getting long stetches of sleep."  At least, that makes the most sense to me.  Stick out tongue

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  • Benadryl helps me sleep. It also helps with the 2nd tri stuffiness and constant sneezing! Bonus!

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