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crazy MIL's!

sigh.. i'm kinda annoyed.. well not really.. maybe suspious... another thing to add to the list that my MIL is not a big fan of me..

instead of calling us to see what we were doing this weekend (like most normal people)..

she gets her daughter to msg me on facebook what our plans were for the weekend..

we're going away this weekend to vist some good friends of ours who moved up North.. so were going for a day or two to go hiking and playing in the woods it should be fun!

last time she was going to come and visit.. we got notice.. again it was kinda third party threw an aunt that she was planning on visiting.. she never ended up coming as Jen (SIL)  needed her to baby sit

anyways.. why cant' she just bloody well call us!!!



Re: crazy MIL's!

  • sounds pretty childish on her part!

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  • ugh my MIL says she doesn't call b/c "she doesn't want to bother me"

    Her way of contacting me the other day was posting on her FB status (not a PM, this was her STATUS)... "Tomorrow we find out if our grandbabies are boys or girls... Kristen, what time is your appt?"

    Needless to say I didn't respond

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