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If you've been here a while...


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  • October 2010....It died for awhile, but is beginning to be more active!!!
     BFP#1- 2/12/10 DD born 10/20/10
     BFP#2- 7/27/13 EDD- 4/5/13 CP 8/4/13 @ 5weeks1day
     BFP#3- 12/1/13 EDD- 8/10/14

  • I miss my old local Knottie boards circa '03-05. I'm old school like that.  I miss taking cheesy Knottie GTG pics of engagement rings. hehe

    My fave Bumpie boards have been mucus plugged 3T and 3-6. Oh and the Oct. 2010 board.  And while my stay was brief on the TTC after 35 boards, I found the girls over there to be super awesome. I periodically check back there hoping to see waves of BFPs and it makes me smile when they happen.

  • image sillypit:
    3T or TTGP, but not the TTGP now, the TTGP with MSC and MissNikki.


    I also enjoyed 0-3 and 3-6.

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  • 3tri. It was so busy and idyllic there. The whole thing was abuzz with sweet longings for perfect births and successful latchings.Then things stopped being polite and got real... Like Puck from the real world.
  • I'd say 3-6. Everyone was happy and joyful and yet full of drama. And I started actually posting. COINCIDENCE?? I think not.
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