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6dp5dt - too early?

Hi there - I'm from the 3T board and was curious if any of you got a BFP after 6dp5dt. I had two amazing embryos transferred (FET) last week that were already hatching, so I feel like they should have already implanted. Hoping I'm wrong because I had a BFN this morning followed by some ugly crying. Thanks for any input!
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Re: 6dp5dt - too early?

  • I didn't get a clear bfp until 7dp5dt and it was only with the afternoon POAS.
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  • Day 9 (at night) I got my negative Day 10 (first morning) BFP

    Good Luck! We all hope to see you here soon! 

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  • It's possible.  I got my first bfp (so faint I could barely believe it) at 10dpo at night!  Even 11dpo at night was faint.  For me, my evening POAS attempts were always darker than my FMU ones.  Good luck!

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  • I got a very, very faint positive at 6dp5dt.  I thought it was negative and went back and looked at it awhile later and saw the faintest line that DH couldn't see.  I got a slightly darker BFP the next day.  It's could definitely be too early for you to get a positive.  Good luck! 
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  • Thanks guys! I hope to join this board soon!
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  • I got a BFP at 5dp5dt and a clearer one at 6dp5dt, if it's not going to upset you too much, I would just test, you might be pleasantly surprised!
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  • I got my 1st positive at 7dp5dt.
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  • We did a FET as well. I tested at 8dp5dt and it was a BFP.

    I am hoping you tested too soon. Try to wait 1-2 more days.

    Good luck.

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