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Artslvr--About the Peapod

How long can a kid use it?  We are thinking about getting one for DS for a trip we're going on this weekend, but aren't convinced that it'll be worth the money.  We don't go on that many overnight trips with the kids to places where they won't have somewhere to sleep, so it could be a year before it gets used again.  Would a 4.5 year old fit in one?  Would a 4.5 year old prefer a bed anyway?

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  • I'm not Artslvr, but we are Peapod users.  Peapods are a bit pricey, but One Step Ahead which always has coupon codes you can find online.  It may be too late for you to order if you need it for this weekend, though.  Also, if it turns out to be a fail for your kids, you can sell it on Craigslist.

    Both my kids are big movers while they sleep, so the Peapod is the only way they'll stay in one spot unless we bring travel bed rails.  Even though DD has been in a regular bed since she was 25 months old, she still loved the Peapod when we bought it around age 3.  She thinks it's cool to sleep in her own little tent.  At just over 4 years old, she can easily still fit (though she's on the lower side of average for height...38-39", and I think the bigger Peapod is 52" long).  There are times we'd travel that she had access to a bed but still wanted to use the Peapod.  We were away from home for two nights last week, and we tried having DS sleep in bed with DD - but he actually wanted to be in the Peapod.  I can't say whether a 4.5 year old would want to use it, but I'd think there's a good chance he would just because it's out of the ordinary.

    Something I like is the ability to close the flaps to make it darker.  At the place we were last week, there were only blinds on the windows, so street lights shone in.  That, plus being in an unfamiliar room, could've been enough to keep DS awake...but the dark little cocoon helped him fall asleep with no problem.

    Also, we have one guest room but sometimes more guests than it can handle.  Since DD is in a full-size bed, we've had my mom sleep in that bed and put DD on the floor in the Peapod.  So it's also handy if you have people stay at your house frequently.

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  • I'm a little hesitant to give an answer because I'm sitting here thinking - the only overnight trips we've taken since DD #1 turned 4 in Feb. were to family - and she slept in a bed both times, while the 2.5 year old and baby slept in the Peapods.  So I honestly don't know how it would be for a 4.5 year old. 

    If she had to, my DD #1 who is 4.5 years old currently WOULD sleep in it, but then again, she's used to it.

    What about an air mattress?

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