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Best way to get rid of baby clothes

What is the best way to get rid of gently used baby clothes? Garage sale? Craigslist? Consignment?  Something else? 

While I am not planning on buying a new car or anything with the proceeds, I would love to make at least a little tiny bit of $$ off of them since I have baby clothes for boys and girls from newborn on up to get rid of.  Lots - and - lots of clothes.


Re: Best way to get rid of baby clothes

  • I eBay and do very well.  It's not for everyone but I've been selling for a long time so it's the easiest for me since I lots of feedback and know the ropes.

    The biggest pain for me is taking the pictures, but I would also find having people come to look at the clothes at pain if I did it on Craigslist.

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  • I've sold most of DD's clothes on Craigslist and had a lot of success with it. 
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  • do you have an online bulletin board at work? try there


  • would like to do something with DS's clothes too.  i consigned some of his clothes and a few maternity things at kid to kid in centreville....RIPOFF!....some were even brand new with tags!  I might as well of donated them.  I have given several things to friends but would be nice to make a few $ to buy the next size!  
  • Google "just between friends" consignment.... they have a sale in our area coming up soon - the biggest in our area I believe. It's just one weekend so there's no waiting weeks and weeks for your money - and you get to price all your own items (you get to keep 60%).



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