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Hello DC Bumpies! It has been a long while since I posted... this pregnancy is flying by! We are expecting boy and girl twins in late Dec/early January :) Last I posted we had not found out the sex yet.... hope everyone else'es pregnancies and young ones are doing well....

We have decided to go the Nanny route... I am looking for anyone who has a good Nanny they can refer. We are in Loudoun County/Ashburn area. Looking for a Nanny 3-4 days a week starting next year early Spring... If you know of any Nannies or have personal experiences with any that you just loved please feel free to contact me at stephaniegarrison411 at gmail. Thanks so much! 

We are hoping to find a nanny through referral instead of a website! Hope all is well 



Re: Nanny Referrals

  • I just wanted to say that is a good resource for finding nannies.  Often families who are looking for a new family for their nanny will post.  Also, if you have a community listserve, that's a good place to try.  We interviewed a lot of nannies from our neighborhood listserve recommendations.

    In the end, we hired someone who responded to an ad we posted - so you never know.  We love our nanny.

  • Thanks so much for your advice!
  • my best friend had twins last december and has been using a nanny ever since.  She is actually stopping using her very soon. She is located in sterling, let me copy this post and send it her way...her nanny was WONDERFUL!!!
  • OMG! Doggylovr that would be amazing!
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