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pregnant college student

I was wondering if anyone went thru a similar situation as I did when they were pregnant for the first time. I was 25 and in college for nursing (I've been on medical leave since he was born, going Bck to finsih in January) and I got ALOT of confused, sometimes dirty looks from younger classmates! I didn't expect to be so singled out and it was almost as if I had leperacy. When we did group work Or I asked someone a question next to me or whatever, I almost felt like they were uncomfortable talking to me. I was engaged at the time, my DH was older with a stable career and although it was a surprise We obviously were very excited and welcomed the baby with open arms. I always wondered what the other students thought of me and why? Was I the first pregnant girl ever to stay in college? You would think it would be looked at as admirable not to jst drop out.....!!
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Re: pregnant college student

  • JMayJMay member

    One of my best friends got pregnant in college.  She was 24 at the time, married and already the mother to one.  You would have thought that her pregnancy would have been completely acceptable under those circumstances, but like you, she got the cold shoulder.  Even some of her teachers shunned her, and she could never figure out why.  Her best guess was that most of her fellow students were uncomfortable because they were not yet ready to handle even the idea of someone (around) their age being pregnant.  As for the teachers, she thought maybe they had a hard time seeing her as an adult.  Either way, she rocked her classes throughout her pregnancy and graduated with honors.  GO GIRL!

    It doesn't seem to change, either... my DH just finished his Masters, and one of his fellow students was a 35 year old, married, and already a mom to two.  She got pregnant with her 3rd during the program and you would have thought she had become contagious - many students were very judegmental of her, especially other female students.  I think it might just be what happens to anyone who doesn't fit into pre-established molds.  When we don't meet expectations, we are feared before we are understood.  =-)  Pfft to that!  Stick out tongue 

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  • I was 23 and in college and engaged when I got pg with ds.

    I got some looks when I was walking on campus, but people in my major were so nice when they found out.  A bunch of the girls from the thesis group took me out to dinner and threw me a mini shower.  I was so lucky to be with a great group of people.  My professors were awesome too.

    I had him in Feb. and returned 2 weeks later.  It definately helped that I was in my last semester when I had him.

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  • I took mostly grad classes by my junior year.  One girl was married and pregnant.  She let the teacher know when she was due.  She missed about 2 weeks of class and brought the newborn for the rest of the semester to all my classes with her.  (Small major!)  No one thought anything of it.
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  • Wow It is crazy how people who barely know you will judge you when you're pregnant. This scares me a little because I'm 26, engaged, pregnant with our first, and in Graduate school. I'm waiting to tell everyone at school that I'm pregnant until my first trimester is over, but I am terrified to tell everyone. It's so hard not to care what other people think especially when you are around them every day, but I guess the bottom line is you have to remember that you have been blessed with the opportunity to bring a life into the world and no matter what this is one of the most important things you will ever do in your life. If you are strong enough to make it through 9 months of pregnancy and graduate school then people should be praising you! Not looking at you with disapproval. Keep your heads up fellow pregnant students!
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