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I'm home and traumatized.

I don't even know what to say. Background: 2002, I had a lap and was told my tubes were full of fluid, scarred badly (from a ruptured appendix in 1989) and they were beyond repair. They drained my tubes to alleviate the pain. That was when I had my first IVF consult. 2005, the tubes had filled back up with fluid and were the sizes of oranges. Did another lap and had tubes removed. Not just a tubaligation, but full on tubalectomy. Doctor said he'd never seen tubes swell so much without rupturing. I have color photos of the before and after. Those suckers are gone.

Had my saline sonogram on Monday, which required a pregnancy test. Negative. Had six vials of blood drawn today, one of which was a blood serum pregnancy test. Also did another urine pregnancy test. Both negative, as expected. My cycles are like clockwork, 28 days, and the only pills I take are prenatal vitamins and a vitamin D supplement for lack of sunshine.

Today they did an internal exam to check for damage to my cervix. Nothing. They sent me to radiology where I met with the doctor who performed the saline sonogram and he said he's never seen someone bleed like this after the sonogram, so he suspected a blood clotting issue. I took Tylenol before the sonogram on Monday, but no other meds that would cause clotting issues. Radiologist performed an internal ultrasound to check the lining of my uterus to compare to what it was Monday. Lining was thick, "good stripe." Then, while the guy still had the wand in me with one hand, he grabbed the phone with the other to call the doctor back in. Doctor walks in and says, "Oh my god."

Radiology guys shows him a mass in my uterus. Doctor says, "Oh, we saw that on Monday. It's her ovary." Radiologist says, "No, that's her ovary way down there." They ruled out a cyst. They said it's near the horn, so in the top of my uterus. Their best guess is ectopic pregnancy. How. The. Frick?? They ran blood clotting tests and those came back fine. My HCG is .05. They dated the empty sac at 5w2d.

It was pure chaos in there. They are putting the ultrasound on a disc for my RE...We're so confused right now. No answer on why I'm still bleeding, and now I need an MRI to get to the bottom of whatever this sac is. The radiology guy said the sac had a double ring around it, so he's confident that's what it is, and the doctor said sometimes tubes grow back...that's more common in a tubaligation than a tubalectomy, I would think. I must have super eggs if that thing is a gestational sac.
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Re: I'm home and traumatized.

  • OMG.  I am SO SORRY you are going through this.  I wouldn't have even been able to type after what you've been through today.  I had an ectopic in January that took them a while to diagnose, and that was frightening enough, and it was nothing like what you're experiencing.  Hang in there; at least NOW the doctors are on it...and I'm so glad you went back in.
    me - 41 (dx: DOR); DH - 53 (no problems); 7/18/09 - married!; 8/4/09 - BFP on first (real)try; 9/14/09 - missed m/c; 9/15/09 - d&c; 11/09 - 3/10 - 4 natural cycles = BFN; 4/10 - dx hyperthyroidism caused by Graves' disease; 6/10 - thyroidectomy; 7/10 - 12/10 - 1 natural and 5 medicated IUI cycles = BFN; 1/11 - new RE; dx low ovarian reserve (AMH .42; 1/26/11 -- BFP (ectopic) from IUI #6; methotrexate 2/10/11; 6/2/11 - IVF #1 = BFN; 9/12/11 - prescreening for DE; 9/15/11 - IUI #7 (unmedicated)= BFN; 11/8 - begin DE cycle (shared risk program); 12/5 - ER (5 eggs/4 mature/3 fertilized/2 left by day 5) 12/10 - ET of one 1BB blast (expanded, "fair" quality), none to freeze; 12/22 - totally shocked by +hpt; beta #1 = 413; #2 = 3952 2/14 - CVS reveals a healthy baby girl! EDD: 8/27/12 DD born 8/31/12, 10 lbs 10 oz and perfect in every way. 
  • OMG that is insane!!!!!!! Oh girl ((((HUGS))))

    Dx: DH - Azoo, Me - Mild PCOS
    DH - sperm found! Seems to produce only for a few days every 70 days!
    Over 1 million in cryo in 15 vials over 6 samples
    IVF #1 - 1 beautiful expanded blast transferred, 4 snowbabies - beta #1 11/30/11 = BFFN
    FET #1, transfered 2 embies 2/16/12 = BFFN; 1 snowbaby left in cryo
    IVF #2 + CGH = 4 genetically normal embies on ice. FET September 26th
    SAIF/PAIF always welcome

    a special GL and prayers to my IF sister Gregermis

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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this.  ***hugs***
    Me: 35 DH: 37 TTC since 4/2010
    DX: 6/9/2011: Azoo ICSI/IVF only option for biological child
    IVF #1: ER - 9/26 * ET - 10/1 * beta#1 10/13 - 140 * beta#2 10/17 - 477 * beta#3 10/20 - 1101
    1st u/s at 6w6d - one hb * 2nd u/s at 8w3d - no hb detected 11/10/11 * natural m/c 11/13/11
    FET #1 Jan/Feb 2012 - 3 delays - cancelled 2/13
    FET #1.2 - May/June 2012 - ET 6/6/* beta#1 6/15 - 95 * beta #2 6/19 - 322 * beta #3 6/22 - 940
    7/6 1st u/s @ 7 weeks - one beautiful hb - released from RE
    EDD 2/22/2013
    PAIF/SAIF/PGAL welcome
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  • OMG! I can't even imagine what you are going through right now. I hope your Drs can get to the bottom of all this. I'm so sorry. Big hugs, darlin.
    Renee- 37 DH - Chad - 39
    2/06 - surprise pregnancy - twins
    3/06 - m/c 1st baby at 6 weeks 
    5/06 -2nd baby had no heartbeat at 14 wks.
    D&E - Bled out. Blood transfusions. Week in ICU - Cheated Death!
    Diagnosis: Blood clotting and bleeding disorder, immune issues, & cervical stenosis
    5/10 - 1st IVF cycle - BFN
    FET - 10/12/10 - BFN
    1/11 - IVF with PGD - BFN
    IVF - May - BFN
    6/11 New RE - fingers crossed!
    9/11 - IVF - 4 transferred
    10/13 - BFP!!
    It's a boy! Clint Michael, Due in June!!!

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  • What a nightmare!! I am so sorry you are going through this. Glad you went back though before it got even worse. I hope the MRI solves the mystery. Keep us posted! Hope you can get some rest.

    TTC #1 since 8/1/10; Me:41 and BRCA1+, DH:46
    DOR (FSH 24.3)/ terrible egg quality ; homozygous MTHFR c677t
    5 IUI's: 2/11 to 6/11 and 1/12= BFN
    OE IVF#1-4 8/11-6/12= all BFN
    DE IVF#1 11/12 bad embryos= BFN
    DE IVF #2 2/13 BFP/Beta hell: m/c 5w6d
    CFNBC 7 months, not doing well; decided on guarantee program at RBA w/frozen DE
    DE IVF #3 1/14  ET 4BB; BFP;M/C 5w1d, incomplete m/c; MVA extraction in ER 7w1d

    DE FET#1 ET 3/1714; BFP, beta 1 3/27= 197, beta 2 3/31= 1586, beta 3 4/7= 13879!!
    First u/s= Twins with HBs at 6w2d! We are Team Pink x 2!!

    K & K born 11/21/14 at 38wks 4 days


    SAIF/PAIF Welcome


  • Oh my. You poor thing. I am so sorry. Hang in there and know we are all here for you.
  • What?!  I'm so sorry, that is absolutely crazy.  I am sending you massive ((hugs)), you do not deserve any of this.  I hope you get answers SOON. 

    me 33/DH 36
    ttc since 10/2008; d/x: mild MFI, stageII endo
    ~~PAIF/SAIF Welcome~~
    11 IUI’s = 1 m/c (7w4d)
    IVF#1 January 2012 BFN, FET #1 April 2012 BFN
    Surprise BFP October 2012 m/c (7w), Surprise BFP April 2013 m/c (6w4d)
    IVF #2: July 2013, ET 1 embryo 7/18, beta 1 @ 14dp3dt - 757, beta 2 @ 16dp3dt - 1762
    U/S 1 @ 6w4d = 1 little frogger with HB of 118, U/S 2 @ 7w3d measuring right on track with HB of 160
    Stick Frogger Stick! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It's a Girl, EDD April 7, 2014

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  • Indifferent

    Huge hugs...that IS crazy!!  So sorry....

    I am AMA and all tests on H came back normal
    3 failed IVF with OE and 2 failed frozen DE cycles
    Last fresh hail mary DE cycle starting Feb 2013
    PAIF/SAIF always welcome
  • Omg. I am so sorry! But, I am glad you went to the er this afternoon to get answers.
    ttc since 10-09 first visit with RE 09-10 ME-everything ok DH- AZOOSPERMIA...biopsy confirmed Sertoli Only Cell syndrome Donor IUI#4 was the charm (8-27-11) with 125iuFollistim/Ovidrel/Endometrin/PIO/vit D beta #1 9/8/11....BFP!!! : ) @ 47.7 beta...#2 9/15/11... 1,998 beta#3 9/22/2011- 27,900 Baby's hb seen @6w2d ! 1-3-2012 20 wk u/s everything lookin' good! Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Omg how crazy! I hope you get some answers soon.
    TTC #1 since March 2009

    DX: Tubal factor (due to ectopic), Stage II Endo, Prot.ein S deficiency, and elevated NK cells.

    6 cycles of Clomid, including 3 IUIs --> BFN

    IVF #1 (Antagonist): 26ER; 22M; 20F;

    3/16/11 ET of 2 blasts. 9 frosties! --> 1st BFP, but ectopic at 7w. Lap to remove right tube.

    FET#1: 8/9/11 ET of 2 blasts --> Chemical Pg.

    FET#2: 11/17/11 ET of 2 blasts --> BFP!
    Please stick and keep growing baby!!!!

    My miracle baby arrived on July 26, 2012 at 38w5d!!!!
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  • Oh my gosh!  You have been through so much.  I am so sorry.  I hope you get some answers soon..Good Luck


  • I'm so sorry hun. ((hugs))

    I hope they figure everything out!

    October 2010 - DX: MFI (low count/motility)
    BFP 8/22/11 m/c 9/4/11 @ 6wks
    BFP 9/8/12 U/S on 9/27/12 no baby<p>10/2/12 D&C/Removal of Right Tube due to tublar pregnancy<p>**PAIF/SAIF WELCOME**<p>[IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2j4ujva.jpg[/IMG] <img src=http://i41.tinypic.com/9i8rk3.gif>
  • ....i am speechless while reading this. i...have nothing.  im so so SORRY you are going through this.
  • wow, that is absolutely crazy.
    IVF#1. 11/10 BFP, twins!!

    3/19/11 Lincoln Henri and Annaleise Sunshine born at 19w5d due to undiagnosed PTL and corio. Lived for a couple of hours but touched our lives forever.

    feel free to browse my BLOG
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  • Oh my goodness!  That is absolutely unbelievable!  I'm so sorry you're going through this, and I really hope they can solve the mystery soon.  
    TTC since November 2009
    Mild MFI, irregular cycles, HSG only showed left tube open
    IUIs #1-3: Femara -- BFN
    IUI #4: Follistim + HCG boosters -- BFN
    Sept./Oct. 2011 IVF#1: Long Lupron, 3dt of 2 -- BFN + 1 frostie
    Surprise BFP 11.21.2011: missed m/c at 9w2d, D&C 12.27.2011
    The Blog
  • imagebabina868:
    Oh my goodness!  That is absolutely unbelievable!  I'm so sorry you're going through this, and I really hope they can solve the mystery soon.  


    OMG Ojo, I am SO sorry you're going through this. First they give you the runaround with the UCCs and the this news. I'm sure you are just in shock. Please keep us updated and take care of yourself.

    I gave you life, then you gave me mine.

    TTC February 2008 to October 2008 One year forced break due to OIF deployment #2
    Resumed TTC in October 2009 HSG, Hysteroscopy, S/A all clear
    Five total medicated cycles and IUI #1-3 = BFN and all while we were still "unexplained IF"
    25 August Lap revealed Endo, adhesions and blocked left tube
    September 2011: Femara + IUI #4 (IUI #1 post endo removal) =BFFN
    November: IVF #1: Stims started 11/16 ER 11/25 (7R, 5F) ET 11/30 Transferred 2 beautiful expanding blastocysts +HPT 12/6/11
    Beta #1 at 9dp5dt=153! Beta #2 at 16dp5dt= 4009!
    Ultrasound 12/30 showed one beautiful heartbeat! EDD 17 August, 2012

    Hazel Evelyn arrived 10 August, 2012!

    Surprise natural BFP March 2015. M/C at 5 weeks
    Another surprise natural BFP April 2015

  • wow...  ((hugs)) I can't even imagine!  At least they seem to be on to something.  I hope this all gets cleared up quickly!
    TTC #1 Since 4/2010, Cycle 30
    Positive for HLA-B27, I'm a mutant :p
    Testing - Me ok, gluten issue? DH - borderline count, low motility
    4/28/11 IUI#1 = BFP!(5/25), EDD 2/2/12 - m/c 5w3d
    7/3, 7/31, 9/25 - IUI#2-4=BFN
    IVF#1 - 1 blast = BFP!! (12/30), EDD 9/9/12, confirmed c/p 4w2d
    FET#1 3/2/12 - 2 blasts =BFP!! EDD 11/18/12, us#1 = twins! Confirmed m/c 5w6d
    4/20-surprise BFP and another c/p 4w2d
    FET#2 7/16/12 - 2 blasts = BFN
    FET#3 8/20/12 - 1 blast - BFP!! Beta #1-2=177, 354
    1st u/s 5w6d, one beautiful little HB :), 2nd u/s 146bpm
    baby girl born 5/10/13

    TTC#2 since 12/17/2014, Cycle 8
    Repeat Testing...FSH=12, AMH=3.8, AFC=28. 
    IUI#5 5/10/15- c/p?
    IVF#2 8/19/15 - cancelled due to cysts
    IVF#2 take two 10/2015 - 5 blasts frozen
    FET#4 12/11/2015 - BFN - 4 blasts remaining
    FET#5 2/18/16 - BFP!!!  Beta1-3, 126, 250, 745!!

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    Tons of love and ((hugs)) to my IF sister NMscubagirl

  • I'm sorry you're going through all of this, but holy sh*t! I hope you get some clear answers soon, and keep us posted!
    TTC #1 since June 2010
    Me: 36, DH: 42
    Dx: DOR and MFI

    DH: low count + very low motility; hormones all normal; Sperm DNA Frag. test = poor to fair; male karyotyping normal
    Me: FSH 13.4 + AMH 0.26 + hypothyroidism; Scratch the hypothyrodism (?); Blood clotting and immune panel all negative; endometrial biopsy normal

    IVF #1 (MDLF - Jul/Aug 2011): BFN (9R, 5M, 3F with ICSI, 3dt of 1 10-cell grade 2, no frosties)
    IVF #2 (EP-antagonist - Sep/Oct 2011): BFN (6R, 4M, 3F w/ ICSI, 3dt of 1 6-cell, 1 7-cell, grade 4s, no frosties)
    DE IVF #1 (shared cycle - June 2012): c/p (6R, 6F w/ICSI, 3dt 1 8-cell grade A- and 1 7-cell grade A-; no frosties)
    DE IVF #2 (shared cycle with new donor - Nov/Dec/ 2012): - BFP!!!!! 12/14/12. U/S on 12/27 shows twins!!!!!

  • Wow. I hope you get some answers soon. I can't even imagine what you are going through!

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  • Thank you for all the good thoughts, and many thanks for joining me in the IndifferentIndifferentIndifferentIndifferent moment I was having.

    I've tried googling to figure out how common pregnancy is after tubalectomy, and most of what I'm finding is bad Yahoo answers like, "You mean tubaligation.  They don't do tubalectomies."  Yeah they do.  I have the photos and scars to prove it.

    I did find this though:

    "A 2006 study by X.H. Meng and Y.M. Zhu published in the "Journal of Zhejiang University," showed that a salpingectomy does not affect female hormone production. The salpingectomy may set the stage for repeat ectopic pregnancies, however. Dr. Shayne Plosker, a fertility specialist with University of South Florida, states that there is a 15 percent increased chance of suffering repeat ectopic pregnancies with the surgery."  Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/245861-side-effects-of-tubalectomy/#ixzz1Uobwkf4L

    I just don't even understand how that's possible.  If anything, I'd think the risk of ectopic would be higher if I had scarred, inflamed fallopian tubes acting as the go between for my lady bits.


    So now the big questions...When will this sac go away?  I'm supposed to do an IVF cycle in October and I'm terrified this will delay it.  I had a normal period that ended just last week, and I've been bleeding heavily all this week, so that sac should have passed by now.  I'm 29 and I've never had a pregnancy scare...so this is all really random. 

    Twin boys due 7/25/12
  • I am so sorry you are going through this:( I hope they figure things out over the next day or two and you can get some clarity on what's going on and also that the bleeding stops! Thinking of you.
    IUIs #1-3 (1x unmedicated, 2x Clomid) = 2 BFNs, 1 m/c at 7w3d
    IUIs #4-6 (injects) = 3 BFNs
    IVF #1 = BFN
    FET #1 = BFN
    FET #2 = BFN
    IVF #2 = BFP, b/g twins lost at 20w due to partial abruption/PPROM
    IVF #3 = c/p 5w2d
    Long-shot Clomid/Prednisone cycle before next IVF = BFP, our beautiful, healthy girl born 6/26/13!
    TTC again March 2014
    FET #3 - May/June 2014
    - all embryos arrested before xfer - back to the drawing board...
    IVF #4 - July/August 2014 
    beta 1 (11dp3dt) 220, beta 2 (13dp3dt) 671, beta 3 (19dp3dt) 10762
  • OMG...I'm so sorry...

    I am just really thankful you went to the DR...  ((HUGS))


    DX (me): PCOS DH: Perfect 4/2011: HSG
  • Oh my goodness!  I cannot imagine the crazyiness that went through your mind.  I am so sorry you have to deal with this.  I pray they can get to the bottom of it ASAP.
    TTC since 3/07. IVF#1 = canceled. IVF#2 = 0% fertilization. IVF#3 = BFN. IVF#4 = c/p.  
    Moving forward with Adoption 2017!
  • Wow, this is insanity... bless your heart, I 'm so sorry you're going through this as well as everything else. I hope they can get you some answers, and SOON.

    Thinking of you, dear... please keep us posted. 

    TTC since September 2010
    March 2011: Diagnosed with PCOS
    First cycle 3/11: 50mg Clomid = No response
    Second cycle 4/11: 100mg Clomid = No response
    Third cycle 5/11: 2.5mg Femara + 150IU FSH CD7 and 8 = Follies, but BFN
    Fourth cycle 6/11: Femara + FSH again = Follies, but no ovulation and another BFN :(
    Fifth cycle 7/11: Femara + FSH again = Wait and see!
  • I am so sorry that you are going through this. ((Big Hugs))
  • OMG, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this.


    * PG #1 2/26/09: mm/c 4/14/09 at 10w4d | PG #2 8/5/09: mm/c 9/29/09 at 11w3d (boy) * 
    * CP's 4/14/10, 9/1/10, 4/19/11, 5/24/11, 10/14/13, 11/16/13 *
    * Ectopic 1/17/14 - nothing on u/s at 6w4d * 
    * PG #7 BFP 12/21/11 - DD born 8/31/12 * 
    * DH Dx'd with balanced translocation in 2011 *

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  • image1stLadyofVienna:

    OMG...I'm so sorry...

    I am just really thankful you went to the DR...  ((HUGS))

    I'm really glad I went too!  I'm normally such a stickler about 'life, limb, or eyesight," when determining how long my issues can wait.  This makes me wonder if I've had other early c/p and just not known, chalked up severe PMS to my normal hormonal self.  Who knows.

    I'm also really glad my husband was able to be with me.  He never would have believed me. 

    Twin boys due 7/25/12
  • OMG!!  This is crazy!  I'm so sorry that you have to go through all of this.  I can't even imagine.  You're in my T&P.  Please keep us posted.  ((hugs))
    Me: 27, DH: 28 TTC since 11/09
    2/10 & 3/10 Clomid 50mg-BFN
    5/10-Lap Surgery for Stage 2 Endo
    3/11-IUI#1 with Follistim and Menopur-developed mild OHSS= BFN
    6/11-IUI#2 with Follistim -developed moderate OHSS= BFN!
    7/11-FSH-11, AMH 1.6
    9/11-ttc naturally with positive thoughts :)
    10/6/11-POSITIVE pregnancy test!!! 15dpo BETA-220
    6/14/2012- Riley Harper arrived!! We love our little girl
    <a href="http://s532.photobucket.com/albums/ee324/exploshidad/?action=view
  • imagelhcooper:
    I wouldn't have even been able to type after what you've been through today.  I had an ectopic in January that took them a while to diagnose, and that was frightening enough, and it was nothing like what you're experiencing. 
      I'm still in denial.  I don't have all the parts traditionally needed to get pregnant, so this is all so trippy.  It's not like a half-assed vasectomy, you know? 

    I'm really freaked out that the doctor said they saw that sac when they were doing the saline sonogram on Monday.  Who knows what could have happened had they diagnosed it as something before messing around in there.

    Twin boys due 7/25/12
  • Indifferent

    Well, that explains the bleeding, I guess, huh?  So sorry this is happening to you... I can't even imagine how confusing it must be.  I hope the MRI gets you some answers and they get it resolved quickly.


    TTC since September 2009.

    IVF #2: +HPT 2/6/12! ~ Boy/Girl Twins!!

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  • I'm so sorry that you're going through this.  I hope they have an action plan sooner rather than later.  Left HugRight Hug


    image     image

    Me (34): MTHFR, PCOS, Endo, left salpingectomy due to hydrosalpinx, 
    hypothyroidism, low AMH (0.26)/normal FSH/average AFC of 12

    Him (33): No known issues

    November 2013-March 2014: Natural cycles
    April 2014: Clomid 100mg and Ovidrel trigger -- BFN
    May 2014: Clomid 100mg and Ovidrel trigger -- BFN
    July 2014:  IVF class -- Check!
    Holy crap.  Unmedicated BFP 7.22.14.  EDD 4.01.15.
    Best April Fool's Day ever!
    Now on Lovenox, prenatals, Vitamin D,
    Folic Acid, and Synthroid.
    Please be our take home baby.

  • Oh my gosh.  I am so, so sorry you are going through this.  That is awful!  I hope you get to feeling better soon.
    MFI and (now) AMA
    IVF 1 April 2011 - Cancelled
    IVF 1.5 July 2011 - MC
    IVF 2 October 2011 - BFP!
    *Identical Twin Boys born June 2012*
    Here we go again...IVF 3 is underway!
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