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Welcome to Week 18!

Welcome to Week 18 of your pregnancy! Chat with other Week 18 Bumpies here.

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  • My hips are sore and I toss and turn all night. What can I do about it?
  • Hi!  I've found that a small (18") pillow between my knees helps with sleeping pains, and is small enough so it doesn't get in the way of rolling over, snuggling with your partner, etc.  I've also found that, if I sit for too long (2 hrs or more at work!) I get sore lower back and hips.  I just get up, walk around, get some water, and it helps alot.  Good luck!!!

  • I had the same problems! I was hurting in my hips and knees. I bought a Leachco back n belly pillow from amazon.com! It seriously is the best thing I've ever bought!
  • My hubby bought me a Snoogle-


    and it is wonderful!!  Keeps the hips in line and cozy all night and only around $40!


  • I've only been having problems with lower back pain.  This is my second child and I had the same problem with the first.  Seems like an "all day no matter what" pain.  Does anyone know if those icy/hot patches are ok while pregnant?
  • I STILL  am sick throwing up!! even w medicine anyone else??
  • I was sick for quite awhile too. Things have seemed to get better this week. But try eating some saltines and drinking a glass of water before waking up in the morning. Thats what my dr suggested.
  • I have been having alot of shoulder pain and my doctor said no to the icy hot creams and to stay away from heating pads.  She said to stick with Tylenol and ice. 


  • I'm still sick in the mornings. I'm not throwing up every day like I was but still every now and then. Starting to get a noticeable bump though! Today I had the very first person to notice I was pregnant that didn't already know!
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  • ??? This is my first pregnancy and I'm 18 weeks and 2 days. This may be tmi but my doc office is closed for the holiday... I just got out of the shower and sat down on the bed to finish drying off and I felt this sudden rush of water from my vaginal area.  I know that it is common to have vaginal discharge but this was not typical.  It was clear and did not have a smell and was not accompanied by any pain but it still has me a little worried.  Am I the only one that has experienced this?

  • Hi there,

    Nothing to worry about it is very common at this stage of pregnancy. I had the same and asked the Dr. about it and she said your body makes more secrections of this kind at this stage. As long as there is no blood and no funny color or odor you should be ok. I would check with your Dr to make sure, but I bet you are fine :) Hope that makes you feel better.

  • i am going to sleep, slepping on my side, but the i wake uo on my stomach...am i harming the baby
  • i am going to sleep on my side but then i wake up on my stomache am i harming the baby
  • Funny thing is I didn't call or go to the doctor. I figured if I started getting bad cramps then I would be super concerned.  We go to our next appointment tomorrow.  I'm super excited this is the big one!!
  • I am still sick also... I have meds that are great for getting me through work and as soon as they wear off I'm right back to throwing up. How do you cope?


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  • At 18 weeks, I just got this itchy red rash on my arms and then upper chest the last day or so. Could it be PUPPS? I don't have it anywhere else on my body. My doctor told me to switch body soaps and try benedryl.

    It is bumpy and slightly red, and itches constantly if I don't put Benedryl cream on at least two times daily. I also tried the Aveno oatmeal bath (but I didn't think it did much for relief).

    Any thoughts? I am praying it doesn't spread and isn't PUPPS, which I heard can be miserable.

  • This has happened to me also, Sometimes if I sneeze or laugh, cough it happens, I know it's not urine because It happens after  just used went to  the bathroom , also has no odour or colour. Now I always wear a panty liner in case of leaks.
  • I was very sick in the beginning and the dr. recommended ginger ale and saltines. they helped me feel alot better! ive also heard that tea can help, or anything with ginger. if i dont feel well ill lie down for a few minutes, and ill start to feel better. listen to your body!
  • hi! im 18 weeks and i am experiencing shortness of breath...does anyone else have any tips on how to control it?
  • its urine trust me i have had that for a week or two. it sucks but if u do the kegel exercises it should help.
  • I had signed up a year ago before I was even considering having a  baby and it was my first ever half marathon (had only done 10k up to this). I planned on training but got sidetracked with the pregnancy but felt great and decided to give it a  go anyways. I had the most INCREDIBLE time! Finished in 3:01:42 with 4 bathroom stops :) Lots of Gatorade and water at aid stations and I paced myself to go slowly the first 8 miles or so and then picked it up a  bit til I hit Mile 12 and sprinted like mad all the way home! Very exhilarating! My legs were sore but otherwise I felt fantastic. It was all okayed by doc...I am very active normally so it was just a matter of listening to my body.

  • My ultrasound technician took one look at the screen and said ":You're having a boy!..It's very obvious... " but I didn't really see anything. The amnio results then came back definitively...BOY! Team Blue! Very happy and excited! My son-future QB maybe? LOL
  • Hi moms!

    Im starting to look at car seats and am torn between the Graco Snugride 35 and the Peg Perego Viaggio.  Any suggestions??

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  • I am going with the Snugride. Mainly because I really, really like the travel system that includes it. It's a safe car seat, the base feels sturdy, and I love that way that it clicks into the base and the stroller...not all of the car seats make that reassuring "click".

  • I'm offically 18 weeks today (yay!) I'm going to do the Snugride 30 but without the travel system.  Of all the lists and sites i've checked for top rated seats, that was all on the list.  Only problem now is figuring out which color to get.  
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  • First day at 18 weeks!! 


    Your children will likely imitate you. Whom do you imitate?


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  • Mine has finally let up...and i was on meds too :( so sorry- i feel ur pain!! hope it passes soon!!!!
  • I would go with the peg perego. It has side impact cushions on side of babies head which graco or chicco does not. we had a snug ride with my first but getting a primo viaggio this time.
  • Hi there, just lurking around.  I've had horrible shortness of breath since the very beginning. I am almost 19 wks now and still can't stand or walk for too long.  It was so bad I couldn't even do housework or go to work.  Now that the nausea is better so is the shortness of breath, I don't really have suggestions to relieve it but rest seemed the most reasonable and helpful. Good luck, almost half way there :-D hang in there.


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  • My nausea is still off & on - maybe 2-3 days a week I feel pretty awful. I'm taking Reglan less regularly than a few weeks ago. I thought this was supposed to be gone by now! I'm feeling your paing ;)
  • okay i am 18 weeks and having leg cramps and they said the baby weights 8 oz is that healthy for me and the baby?????????? having a hard time sleeping and  bad indijestion !!!!!!!!
  • I'm lucky - feeling well but experiencing a bit of shortness of breath

    I've been liking the belly band - on ebay for less than $8 w/ shipping

    Swimming and walking 4x a week - what about others?  How's your exercise plan going? 

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  • Try Yoga breathing techniques.  Breathe in for 4 counts and out for 5.  I often become short of breathe and using this technique helps. I just started prenatal yoga classes and they really teach you how to relax and breathe properly.
  • Hey everyone! Is anyone else having trouble sleeping?  I wake up almost every night around 3am and toss and turn for the rest of the night.  I am exhausted. Does anyone have any tips on how to get a better nights sleep?
  • Same here, I feel your pain.  I'm on a downward spiral from 2 PM on, I usually start throwing up around dinner time and until I go to bed.  At least it's not constant anymore, still sucks though. 
  • i am having really bad upper abdominal pains, is this normal? im 18 weeks along today
  • That happened to me 2 weeks ago, but it went away. Well just moved lower. Just an FYI to everyone. The Chinese Gender chart was WRONG for me! It said boy, we are having a girl.
  • I was having the same problem. My nurse told me to lay half on the body pillow with another pillow between my knees.  This way I can sort of be on my back without actually lying flat.  It really helped.

  • I was getting leg cramps too.  I started eating a banana everyday for the potassium.  Not sure if its the reason, but they went away.  Also I get indigestion so easily!  I have to eat really small meals and even then I still get it. The blander my diet the better I feel though.
  • Me too! I now have 6 pillows on my side of the bed! LOL. It's a good thing we have a king bed. Sometimes I just readjust my pillows and that helps. But sometimes nothing helps. Good luck!
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