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BOO to feeling fat, no pregnant, and ONLY 6 weeks


I used to eat only 2 meals a day, and i never ate on my ship (i am in the navy) i always just snacked through out the days on junk food. weighed 150. no biggie.. but now, NOW i am 160 due to boob weight and i feel uber super bloated.. and my tummy feels super huge and i know its not a baby in there just yet.. 

 anyone else dealing with this??/

anyone have any suggestions to help these feelings?  

thanks ladies 

Re: BOO to feeling fat, no pregnant, and ONLY 6 weeks

  • Oh, the "wonderful" bloat. Hate bloat. It will likely get better in a few weeks. But what helps a bit with the discomfort of bloat is to eat several small meals and snacks throughout the day instead of 2-3 large meals. Starch usually makes the bloat worse so try less starchy food if you can manage it. And lots of water. Hope it gets better soon. 

    ETA: I didn't explain. Your digestion slows down during pregnancy so when you eat a big meal it just sits in your gut making you feel blah. Eat small and it can digest better and you will feel better.  

  • Best advice:  stop weighing yourself.  :)
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  • oh boy didn't think about that.. i will keep this all in mind. thank you soo much!!!!


    LOL to the scale.. if only i could stay away from it.. its almost an obsession of mine.. 


    but thank you ladies 

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    Welcome to the club. I moved my scale to my mother-in-laws house. I know it will be safe there.
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  • I am going through the same thing right now! BLOAT BLOAT BLOAT!! My hubby thinks it's hilarious, it looks like a beer belly! It makes me happy to have a symptom so I'll take it!! I agree with eating small meals throughout the day. This really seems to help. Good luck everyone! 
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    Best advice:  stop weighing yourself.  :)

    Love it!!!  Kinda sucks that my doctor's scale was a few pounds light last Tuesday.  I'm sure I'll get a different scale & she'll wonder how I gained 5 lbs in a week!!

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    Best advice:  stop weighing yourself:)

    i need to remember this.



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    Best advice:  stop weighing yourself.  :)



    This would be the best advise ever. You are going to be bloated and feel bigger. Why add the stress of weighing yourself?

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  • I look and feel bloated as well!  Ive been weighing myself but will stop.  Its just torture!
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  • my DH said to me the other day "what are you TRYING to look Pregnant with your belly sticking out like that! :-( i know he didn't mean anything by it he was just teasing but i feel like i have a gained and my husband notices my bloated belly and ths scale stays the same... it makes me wonder if was just always fat and didn't notice it!!! 6 weeks PG and feeling HUGE!!!
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