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Bedrest is making me more anxious and worried about delivery, hospital and post-partum.  I have too much time to worry about things.  Nights are the worst.  I thought I was over my big bad hospital fear but last night I felt so angry and sad and out of control of this whole situation I couldn't even think about sleep.  I kept having these thoughts of getting something in an IV I didn't want or being rushed off for an unnecessary c-section or them taking the baby and not letting me have her for hours.  I know it's making my BP high!  I wish I could just let go and realize this is something I have to do and accept it.  And it's probably not going to be as bad as I'm imagining.  I just can't get these scenarious out of my head!  It's like I have to think of everything bad now in case it happens later I'll be more prepared. 
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