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HELP! Discolored Pocket CDs After Stripping?

I had some repelling issues with a bunch of my pocket diapers.  I planned on selling them so I decided to strip them using blue Dawn.  Unfortunately, they came out of the wash with Dawn discolored.  The fleece/suede cloth on almost all of them is a dingy orange-y color.  Some of the velcro/aplix even seems to be discolored.

I tried to sun them with no success, so I broke down a used some bleach in the load.  Still no success.  

I have been googling like a madwoman and I can't find any instance of this happening to any one!

 Any thoughts/suggestions?


Re: HELP! Discolored Pocket CDs After Stripping?

  • was it blue dawn that you used or orange?? the only thing i could think of would be to do several rinses....
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  • I used Original blue Dawn.  I've rinsed so many times I think my water bill is going to be quadrupled this month.  Thanks.  :(
  • Did you dry them in the dryer afterwards?? If you did then the stains are probably set in and the rinses/bleach won't help....I'm completely stumped on this one         :( Sorry!
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  • All I can say is that I noticed the same thing when stripping my BGs and using bleach (when we were killing the yeast beast). I don't know why it happens, but ours are more "dingy" than I'd like. However, I wouldn't hesitate to sell them. They still work just fine!
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  • Do you have hard water?  If so it may just be some wierd reaction with the iron content in your water which is making them orange.

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