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someone talk me down...

I really, really want to be pregnant again!  I don't know what I am thinking...I was blessed to have a very easy pregnancy and standard delivery, and ow that my little guy is almost 8 months old, I'm really getting the baby itch!  The only thing really stopping me is that we BF, and I really want to be able to do that for a full year and maybe longer (just night nursing)...that, and remembering those first two months of sleep deprivation!  Dh wants to wait a little longer too...

A few of my girlfriends ar expecting and I am so jealous of their bumps!  Is anyone else feeling like this, or am I just losing it!?

Re: someone talk me down...

  • I'm not ready yet, and we won't for another... 1.5 - 2.5 years, but I still "window shop" for baby and newborn things all the time. Our BFFs are going to start TTC soon and I know that'll make me miss being pg a little bit, but I think I'll be more excited for them and it gives me a way to get all of this newborn shopping and planning out! 
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  • I'm jealous of my friends and family members who are pregnant, too, even though I am nowhere near ready for another baby! I'm just taking the time to really enjoy DS being a baby.
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  • sorry i'm no help- i want to TTC too.  I have to have DH remind me the reasons why we have to wait (prob 6 months) before we will be ready. 
  • I had very bad complications and I wish I was pregnant again too. I have to wait 2 years though to start thinking about it again and I have this awful fear that if I was to get pregnant now that that baby wouldn't survive. All of my friends are pregnant though and it's tough but I'm enjoying showering ds with all of my attention for now
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  • Only two months of sleep deprivation? No wonder you're ready for another. I'd say enjoy your sleep for a little while longer. Your next one could be a sleep disaster like mine!
  • I'm no help.  I have wicked baby fever.
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  • Wait at least a year!  It is chaos in the house with two super tiny babies
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