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random post on FB - chewing LO nails?!

I saw this on FB, a new mommy was told to "chew on the babies nails" in order to trim them! I have NEVER heard of this!  Has any nurse, doctor, any medical professional suggested this?  We used the baby nail files for awhile, then used the baby clippers without a problem?!
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Re: random post on FB - chewing LO nails?!

  • I have heard of this, not from a Dr but from DH's aunt.  I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it, I used the files now the clippers like you.
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  • ppantsppants member
    I've never had a dr tell me that, but I've seen a mom do it.  I did the same as you, file then clippers.
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  • One of the nurses at the hospital suggested it..no joke.

    I opted for the clippers.

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  • My mom did this for all 3 of us, because she was afraid of cutting us with the clippers. Once our nails got thicker and more defined, she used the clippers. Also, she said it helped that we couldn't tell what she was doing. She was just sucking on our finger, which was far less threatening than trying to hold our hand still while she cut our nails.

    My boy has really long nails but I can't do anything about it yet, so I have no personal experience.  

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  • I've heard of it and honestly, people have probably doing it that way far longer than clippers have existed.

    I've read not to use clippers on newborns because the finger is still fused to the nail, but after awhile (I forget how long), it's fine.  I used the files for awhile but they pissed me off and were useless (I guess I have no patience?), so I just clip. 

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  • I've heard of it, but my pedi actually told me NOT to do it, due to all the bacteria in the mouth.

    I just wait until she's in a deep sleep and then take the clippers to her.

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  • YUP! a dear friend did that with her kids & they're all happy & healthy and in their early teens now :)

    I would have tried it, but I don't bite my nails so don't know how people do it LOL ughh, we did file & now I brave the clippers.

  • kck329kck329 member

    I'll admit to having done it once or twice when her nail tore and needed to come off Embarrassed

    But generally, we go for the clippers too. And by "we," I mean DH because I'm convinced I will hurt her and he's a nanochemist so I figure he's better at looking at tiny things. 

  • I think this isn't the best option heatlh-wise.  My grandma said that's what they used to do.  I didn't use clippers on my newborns, instead filed, and clipped when they were older. 
  • I clip them, but my SIL did this to her kids. She watches Michael while we are at work and she chewed his nails last week..... Kinda grosses me out

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