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(AW) pssst - don't tell DH, but

E took her first steps (2 of them) today!  I go back and forth between being excited for her and freaking out about such an early walker.
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Re: (AW) pssst - don't tell DH, but

  • Wow that is really early if your ticker is right!  DD was 13 months, and DS was 17 months!  (I especially didn't want DS to walk and didn't encourage it at all!!)
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  • WOOHOOOO I knew she would be walking soon. Way to go E
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  • Awesome!  Meg was 9 mo when she started. 

    Ryan and Khloe are almost there at 14mo and Katie is no where close.

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  • Wow that's an early walker - how exciting!
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  • Way to go, E!
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  • Holy crap!!  Go E! 
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  • Eek! How exciting! Be excited. It's so fun! Audrey was a super early walker, already running at 9.5 months. Jumping at 12. If E is anything like her, you will have a little daredevil on your hands!

    my Rye-guy too was walking at 10 months, not quite as early as A, but still early!

    go E!
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  • Wow that is awesome!!!
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  • That's awesome, go E!
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  • Go E!!
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  • Holy cow!  10 months was WAY too early for DS to begin walking... they have absolutely no sense at 10 months.  But you have a girl, so maybe... ?  Good luck, momma.  And be prepared for a lot of bruises.  :)

    I'm going to make an AWESOME big brother.

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  • Wow. We walked at 9mos and yeah - I don't think it did us any favors - we are just NOW not falling / tripping all the time. I hope she's cautious and stable - and not a klutzy daredevil like us - seriously the hardest part of parenting to me so far. Go M!
  • Wow!  Go Miss E!
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  • WOW!  Way to go!  I can't imagine DS walking in a month.. he'll be nowhere near there for quite a while (which is fine with me!)

  • She took 2 more steps yesterday, but nothing today, although she brazenly cruises around the house on anything she can touch, regardless of how sturdy it is - the seat of the jumperoo, the wall, a pile of laundry...

    I'm hoping that she continues to be more interested in crawling fast than in getting places hands-free, although it might be nice to slow her down for a while.  She bumps her head enough as it is!

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