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The Children's House in Montgomery - any feedback?

I told a friend I would post this for her to see if anyone has any feedback about The Children's House on Montgomery Road near Harper's Point. She's specifically wanting to know about kindergarten.



Re: The Children's House in Montgomery - any feedback?

  • Sorry I'm not much help, but I do know three families who sent their kids there for preschool and were satisfied...but did always say, "for the price, it's a good fit."  I always got the impression that they were saying that it's not the best but it's also not the most expensive so it's kind of a you get what you pay for scenario.  I also know someone who only sent her daughter there for a few weeks because she was unhappy with it, so in my personal experience I've heard mixed reviews.  None of my friends have used it for kindergarden though.  
  • Thanks for the response.  I really appreciate it.  Some feedback is better than none.  I'll pass it along to my friend.  Thanks again!
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