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Sweetwater....anyone? please??

Our family just moved to Sweetwater, TN and we don't know ANYONE. I'm a stay at home mom, and our daughter Sadie is 9 months old. Ive been trying to find some mommy and me classes but I'm having a hard time. Is anyone in the area or know of ANYTHING that will get me out of this house and around other moms?

Re: Sweetwater....anyone? please??

  • Hugs! I know moving to a new place is hard anyway, but Sweetwater is just a little place!

    I spent a summer with a friend that lived there, and we had to head to Knoxville for anything big.

    Maybe try some of the local churches to see if they have moms groups or something? 

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  • Well, I am gonna agree with pp.  Get involved with a church.  They are usually your best bet in small towns like Sweetwater.  I grew up just down the road from there.  It has next to nothing for young parents.  If you head to Lenior City you should find a decent size church, and that way you don't have to drive all the way into Knoxville.  Good luck to you!  Cool
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  • I grew up around that area and my parents live in Lenoir City and there is not much in Sweetwater. I agree with pp about contacting a church to find out if they have any groups. Is there a community center? You may have to drive either 20min north to Lenoir City or 20min south to Athens for more activities.
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  • I'm not sure about Sweetwater but  I live in Lenoir City and there are several things here and in Farragut which is your side of Knoxville.  Mom2mom at First Baptist Concord in Farragut will start in September.  I don't think the link is updated but I do know they are meeting on Wednesday's.  http://www.fbconcord.org/#/adults/mom2mom


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