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detergent question from a ftm

What is the benefits of using the rockin green or charlies soap rather than your basic free and clear detergent? Is it a matter of getting a more thorough clean? Or preserving the diaper? Obv I would like to get away with the free and clear detergent if possible rather than ordering the specialty soap online. thanks ladies - any advice is appreciated!

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Re: detergent question from a ftm

  • Some sites will say F&C detergents are fine, and others make it seem like they'll ruin your diapers. Not wanting to figure out what would happen in my case, and a strong recommendation from a friend, made me switch to RnG.

    That being said, a ton of people on here use Tide.

  • We use regular Tide. All those natural detergents did nothing for us and made our diapers smell terrible.
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  • I haven't used RNG or Charlies...I use All Small & Mighty Free & Clear on all of my daughter's cloth diapers. It is working fine for me and I have not had any absorbency problems or odor problems, even if the wet diapers sit in a pail for 24 hours. If I have soiled diapers, I don't let them sit like that though...I soak them (a couple hours each, using only cold water) in a baking soda/water solution, rinse, then soak in a vinegar/water solution, rinse then throw them in the washer -using the hot water wash, cold rinse (doing all of that removes almost all stains too, if any remain after the soaks, I set them outside in the sun for a few hours). I line dry everything once it is cleaned and it is working wonderfully so far :)
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  • As I understand it, it's a matter of certain additives that can potentially cause buildup/repelling.  I've found this website helpful for comparing detergents:

    I should note that we use Arm & Hammer sensitive, which isn't a top rated detergent (it has optical brighteners), but which works for us.

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  • This helps a lot. Thanks all! As always you are all awesome.
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