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Are you saving up PTO time?

Hi ladies, I just found out this morning how my maternity leave would work. My short term disability won't kick in until 2 weeks after I have been out. So That means the first two weeks If I want to be paid I will have to use my PTO. Then when my STD runs out I will have to use PTO again. I ran the numbers this morning and it will take me 2 years to gain enough PTO points to get paid for the whole 12 weeks. (With taking no days off in those 2 years) I already have two cruises planned within this time and it makes me second guess going in hopes of saving my PTO. So I was just curious if anybody else is starting to save up there off time for hopes of later down the road?
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Re: Are you saving up PTO time?

  • I'm saving as many PTO days as I can, the rest of my leave will be un-paid since I don't have short term disability coverage. Right now, I have about four weeks covered.

    I'm just saving as much money as I can to cover the rest of my un-paid time off. If push comes to shove, I might just have to go back to work earlier than expected.

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  • We don't use PTO hrs. at work.  We have vacation and flex (sick) time that rolls over every year.  Maternity STD coverage goes:  The employee uses vacation/flex time for the first week then STD kicks in.  6 weeks for a vaginal birth or 8 weeks for a c-section.  We can then use vacation or flex to pay out the remainder of the time up to 12 weeks.

    I get 4 weeks vacation a year plus 2 weeks flex time a year so I will use one of those banks to supplement payout during my STD maternity leave.

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  • We don't get to save up PTO, so each year I get it and have to use it or lose it.  That being said, if you can figure out how much you need to cover yourselves for those 12 weeks, maybe you could build your own savings fund.  We plan on doing this since I will only get 60% of my pay while on STD.  We plan on saving as much as we can on the side to make up for the lost amount.  Good luck.
  • I feel like I'm always saving PTO time!

    But if I did get a BFP, I would go into super PTO saving mode! I'd like to be home as long as possible and get paid.

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  • I got 6 full months off paid for maternity leave (well I had to use one week PTO before STD kicked in).    But other than that, I didn't touch my PTO.   I had 3 weeks PTO saved up that was still there when I returned to work after maternity leave - which is good because in baby's first 2 months in daycare we went through 6 different illnesses that required me staying home with her or taking her to the doctor.  And then I caught the flu in the middle of all that.   So between the 2 of us, I only have 2 days PTO left now.  I went through almost 3 full weeks in 2 months.  

    but we are both healthy now so my PTO is starting to build back up again .... slowly.

    Not only will you maybe need PTO for maternity leave... plan to use a bit when you return to work - especially if your baby is going into daycare where they are going to get introduced to a lot of crap all at once.

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  • I am definitely being mindful of my sick time/PTO time. I have to use up my sick time before maternity kicks in and I only get paid 75% of my normal pay while on maternity. Maternity only covers 6-8 weeks so I need to save what I can!
  • Save my PTO for what? I would have lost 3 weeks of vacation time last year if I had saved them!

    I understand what youre saying though.

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  • We get to accrue our PTO until we have 240 hours - then you burn what you don't lose.  So yes, I am trying to save up as much as I can to the 240 hour mark, even though I do have STD as well.
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  • I had to use all my accrued PTO for mat leave last time and will do the same this time.  I had only been employed for less than a year though so I didn't have much.  I had a handful of days paid and the rest of my 10-week leave was unpaid.  I imagine the next time won't be much different since it will only have been a little over a year between LO1 and LO2 (of course it depends on when I get KU).  Plus, we travel a lot so it's hard for me to save my days.

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  • I've been saving mine for seven years....  we don't get paid maternity leave, we just have to use our sick and vacation time. 

    Since they roll over every year, I've been saving as much as I can ever since I started here.  I currently have almost five months of time saved up between sick and vacation.  Smile

    We have really great amounts for accrual of PTO, so I've definitely still taken sick time and vacations since I've worked here.

  • As a teacher, I get 12 full weeks, but I only get paid for 6 of those weeks, and those 6 weeks are paid for using my sick leave and personal days. This is pretty common in all of Ohio. I'd be curious how it works in other states. As of right now, I have enough to pay me through my 6 weeks, but if I want to take more time off, I'll have to be satisfied without being paid.

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  • My PTO hours also roll over, but it does hit a max at some point to where I would have to use them or lose them. It sucks but I think our max would only allow me to have 6 weeks off paid.

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  • It's smart of you to figure this out ahead of time, surprisingly many don't.  I save up until I know I won't be on leave that year (after April), then I have to use all that I can't roll over or cash out.  If you're going to be short, just make sure you save cash in lieu of time.  If you've been with your employer for a year by the time you go on leave, and they have >50 EE, then you are entitled to a minimum of 12 weeks off (unpaid before STD & PTO).  GL!
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  • imageamandaloren:

    My PTO hours also roll over, but it does hit a max at some point to where I would have to use them or lose them. It sucks but I think our max would only allow me to have 6 weeks off paid.

    I actually have a question about your short term disability.  I should probably have figured this out for myself already, but did you have to buy a separate maternity inusrance plan, or does your STD come with your current work provided insurance plan?  I didn't think TX had it's own state mandated STD program, but I am hoping i'm wrong on that one. 

    If you did purchase a maternity insurance plan, what company did you go through?

    Thanks for the help!

  • I was mindful of it until I knew I wouldn't need it for this year.

    My STD/maternity leave starts immediately upon delivery date. I get 8 weeks. However, I would like to take the full 12 weeks allowed through FMLA. So, I will use PTO after that. We do not have to use our PTO or sick leave (we get both) before STD kicks in. We are VERY lucky that way.

    Since I'm to a December delivery at this point, if we are successful this month, I'll have all of 2011's time to play with at the end of my maternity leave. The big question I'm going to have now, if I am pregnant this cycle, is if I can use some PTO before STD kicks in--I already use almost 2 weeks worth in December anyway.

    And I agree with PP that it is soo smart to look into what your situation is ahead of time. So many people assume things about how their policy is only to have to face a harsh reality on time and money.

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  • We are lucky here in California we get STD and FLMA which pays almost 60 percent of our pay up to 4 months. However I have also been saving up my PTO time to try and take a total of 6 months off.

  • I have been here for almost 3 years, and I pay for my STD through my work insurance. We have to options: wait 30 days then get 50% of pay or wait 14 days then get 60% of pay. The 2nd one is more expensive so I am not currently on that one. But, Since we don't plan on actively TTC till October I plan on switching to that one after the first of the year (unless I get pregnant before that But I highly doubt it) I hope that answered your question:)


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  • it does!  thanks!  going to call my insurance this afternoon!
  • atlbatlb member
    I work for the state, and I earn 4 hours of sick leave and 4 hours of vacation time every 2 weeks. So I am saving up as much as I can. However, I also took out diasbility insurance through my employer. I chose a 6 month benefit period, because I am likely to be on bed-rest for several months before delivery. The insurance will pay 66% of my income. If by some miracle I am not on bed-rest, I will be covered for 8 weeks for a c-section.
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