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2nd Trimester

Really wanting sushi.....

I am so craving sushi. Has anyone talked with their OBGYN on the rules with what you can and can't have?? I have the craving so bad. It is all I can think about.

Re: Really wanting sushi.....

  • eel, shrimp, and smoked salmon, all have to be cooked therefor eliminating the bacteria risk....there are a few others (fake crab meat) but those are the ones I eat and OB said fine a few times a month.


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    I love sushi too, and I have been getting my fix by ordering veggie rolls, california rolls, and shrimp tempura rolls.

    It's totally not the same , but better than nothing.

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  • Yep, I eat it, I just only pick things with 100% cooked ingredients. It is somewhat limiting, and no sake either, but just being there, smelling it, and eating my california roll nixes the craving ;)
  • I've been eating sushi pretty regularly. My doctor told me its not any more or less dangerous than eating sushi when not pregnant. The main risk you run is food poisoning if the fish was bad and of course you have to limit yourself because of the mercury. I always get the California roll and the Philadelphia roll and one isnt raw fish and the other has smoked salmon. I have been fine and so is baby!

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  • I had sushi  for lunch yesterday and it was SOOOO good!  It had shrimp tempura and crab meat.  Just thinking about it makes me want more!

  • I had sushi for dinner tonight... mmm. Avoid the raw stuff and tuna which is high in mercury.

    ETA: To clarify - sushi grade albacore tuna is high in mercury, the canned stuff is fine.

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  • I eat sushi with raw fish.
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  • image Honeydewchestnut:
    I eat sushi with raw fish.

    Me too! Yes I get it from a good place, so I'm not worried about bacteria issues, and I stay away from high mercury stuff as I still like to have tuna wraps once in awhile.

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  • I eat sushi, including raw stuff. Just avoid those high in murcry.

    This is my little soapbox, but if you are eating at a decent sushi place your risk of foodborne illness if quite low. You are actually WAYYY more likely to get food poisoning from mishandled/imporperly cooked beef or chicken than from raw sushi, which is flash frozen anyway (killing the bad stuff that might be on it) and handled by a professional chef.

    In Japan raw sushi is considered a health food and is recommended for pregnant women! It is our ethnocentric attitudes (IMO) that lead docs to say "no raw sushi" but give the thumbs up to a burger from a fast food joint where the odds are the kid behind the counter didn't wash his hands after using the bathroom!

    ::OK, stepping off my soapbox now:: 

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  • I agree with b.heather! The risk associated with eating raw fish in sushi is really low, unless you're eating raw swordfish, mackerel, or REALLY expensive tuna. (I feel the same about listeria in deli meat.) I actually asked my OB, and she said that it'd be fine in moderation. I assume, too, that you're in the US, where a lot of the sushi comes in rolls? If so, they don't use as much fish in that as in Japanese style sushi (or sashimi!) served around where I'm from. I HIGHLY doubt one order of sushi rolls is going to have more than 12oz of fish in it, which is what they recommend you eat in a week of low-mercury fish.

    Also, if you eat sushi with wasabi, that actually reduces the amount of bacteria that stays in your system. Plus, it tastes awesome!
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  • Go to a reputable, good restaurant, avoid tuna and hamachi (the kind they use is pretty high in mercury), and Eat the Sushi! 

    I've had it a few times since being pregnant, both cooked and not cooked.  I'm having tuna and rainbow roll withdrawals, but I'll manage.  Salmon is perfectly fine, eel, shrimp, etc.  Fish is good for you while pregnant!

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  • Eh, I figure in moderation is fine and give in to most of my cravings. That being said I had a glass of red wine and a spicy tuna roll at my bday celebration last weekend....they were delicious, and baby is fine.
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  • I want sushi too!!!! Unfortunately my doctor told me I can't even eat cooked sushi because it's been prepared in the same area as the raw stuff. She's been pretty lenient on everything else so I'm trying to go along with her lead but UGH I would do anything for some sushi rolls!!
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  • The solution to my sushi cravings has been veggie rolls or fried rolls. The fish gets fully cooked during the frying process.
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  • I have sushi about once a week. My doc said it was totally fine.

    If you have a good sushi place I wouldnt worry. I wouldn't vernture out to a place that you have been too though.


    Good luck




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