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If bored...pics from DD's 1st b-day

Like Tracy[I don't remember all of the numbers], I enjoy party planning as a hobby.  For DD's 1st b-day, I went with a bumblebee theme and served Bar "Bee" Que, BEEf brisket, Baked BEEns...you get the idea.   

I ordered the paper products from an etsy seller and sent her some of the pics and thought some of you may enjoy them as well. :) 




Re: If bored...pics from DD's 1st b-day

  • awesome, everything is awesome and I love it that she really smashed the cake! which is awsome btw, did you make it yourself?

    (makes me want to try to do better but I know it's not my style LOL; I was just proud of my "blue" theme which included blue plates/silverware/balloons/M&Ms). I do love looking at these great themed party pix though! good job! your kids are adorable!


  • So super cute!  We've also been buying all of our party decorations from Etsy sellers and it's so much more fun!
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  • Wow, super cute and very impressive! Where did you get the cupcake stand with the crystals on it?
  • So ADORABLE, you did a fantastic job!  And I love DD's dress too! 
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    Really nice...a cute theme without being too overdone (kid parties where the theme is repeatedly crammed down your throat aren't my thing).  My favorite part is her coordinating outfit - that's one detail that I totally wouldn't have thought of.
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  • Adorable!

    I need one of you crafty and creative ladies to come plan my LO's first birthday party. :)
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  • Thanks everyone! I would not have done the coordinating outfit, but a friend of mine saw it on zulily and knew it would be perfect...and I couldn't resist getting it for the party.

    Sofka, I did make the smash cake and am quite proud of it because I am a horrible baker.  Anything but a sheet cake, and I can usually do a good job of screwing it up.  We couldn't believe how she dug into it, which made it all worth it. 

    MsPhilDunphy, I got the cupcake stand at Home Goods.  I try to incorporate it into  everything because I love it!

  • love the pics!  Thanks for sharing! 

    can you email me the etsy seller you used ...  cgstuff3 at yahoo

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  • I love it!  I followed your posts on pinterest and I think it came together even better than the inspiration pics you were posting. 
  • Great job!  The black and yellow really popped and I love the straws and mason jars.  Super job on the cake, it looked great and like she really enjoyed it. 
  • Wow! I loved all the details, especially the cake and her dress!
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