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Potty Training

Do you think my DD is ready for PT?

DD is just about 25 months old. She has sat on the potty occasionally for months and poops & pees very frequently on the times she does sit on the potty. We ask her if she wants to use the potty and sometimes she says yes and sometimes she says no (more often she says yes... maybe 60/40 or 70/30). The past 2 weeks or so she is really starting to tell us when she wants her diapers changed (which is a huge improvement because we have been dealing with tantrums during diaper changes for quite a while). She will lay down without a fight to wear the diaper. Even today, she asked to wear "big girl pants" (a term she must have heard at the sitters with the older kids, cause we've never mentioned them). When I got her the little undies she has in her drawer, she changed her mind and kept her diaper on.

DH is on vacation this week, so this combined with her growing interest for the potty and for being bothered by her wet/dirty diapers, I feel like it might be a good time to go with the 3 day method. DH also has some time off at the end of august, so if we dont do it now we can do it then. I would really love to do the 3 day method and just get it over and done with, but I say that of course having zero experience in this.  

We use cloth diapers if it matters.  

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Re: Do you think my DD is ready for PT?

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