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Silly ?

This may seem like a silly question, but I want to know if I am the only one feeling this way.  We tried potty training C at the beginning of the month since I am on summer break.  It went OK - he would usually go when we put him on the potty, but he would rarely tell us he had to go.  Since we are going on a vacation this week, we decided to take a break and try again towards the end of the summer....maybe.

My question is -  Do you feel like having a child potty trained = having them tell you when they need to go?  Or do you still have to tell your child to go on the potty?  I am kind of feeling like I shouldn't have to tell him to go all.the.time.  He should be able to tell me a majority of the time that he needs to go.  Am I wrong in this?

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Re: Silly ?

  • *LrCg**LrCg* member

    I think it depends on the age of the child.  If your PT a 3 year old then yes they should be able to tell you when they have to go.  We PT DS at 17 months old and at our house he was very good at telling us when he had to go, however we did have potty breaks- before meals, naps and bedtime.  Now at daycare he would just hold it until DCP took him to the potty- but we completely understood that- he just didn't want to go away from his toys.  It took some time and then he finally realized that he wasn't going to loose his spot and had no issues telling her. 

    Personally, I wouldn't not PT just because DS isn't telling you- I think just holding it and staying dry for 2+ hours and then going on the potty is a big deal.  Also I think I saw your DS is 2- there's alot going on in a 2 year olds' mind and a lot of growth.  As long as he's staying dry I would keep him in underwear and just take potty breaks.  Eventually he's going to get sick of you having all the control and telling him when he has to go that he's just going to start telling you.

  • tri047tri047 member
    Thanks for the response.  That totally makes sense and it motivated me to give it another go after our trip.  I was struggling because DH wasn't 100% on board because C kept having accidents.  I tried to explain to him that that's part of the process.  :)
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