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Weekend Updates

How was your weekend? What did you do?
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Re: Weekend Updates

  • Friday-Went grocery shopping and saved 48.43 with our coupons :) 
    Then we came home and a friend of ours came over to watch Season 3 of True Blood with us. I had to have a crash course for J since Season 4 started last night.

    Saturday- We took our dog Nimo to puppy play time at Petco. We also went and talked to a German Shepherd breeder and I will be getting a German Shepherd puppy for my birthday! (July 29)

    Sunday- We lounged around, did some light cleaning then went to a friends house for a little while. After that we went over to my parents house to steal their HBO and watch True Blood. Then we came home, had dinner and relaxed.  

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  • Friday night Jen worked late, so I packed for her and spent the rest of the evening hanging out with the dogs and being lazy.

    On Saturday I worked out while she went to get a haircut and run a few last-minute errands, including picking up her precious box of single-serving hazelnut Coffeemate creamers that she insists on taking on every trip, just in case there is no non-dairy creamer to be had in the entire state. Confused I drove her up to the airport and it's a good thing we left early, because we ended up crawling at 5 mph for an hour - it was ridiculous, and I was convinced that when we finally got to whatever was holding up traffic that we'd see some huge pile-up. Nope. One lane was closed for maybe 20 feet to protect the guy who was using some machine to trim the trees on the side of the road. What is wrong with drivers in this area?? She barely made her flight, but it worked out.

    After I dropped her off I went to REI - we had a decent little dividend check this year, since we did most of our NZ shopping there. Between the dividend check and the clearance sale, I ended up getting a new pair of sandals, a running shirt, two tubes of Nuun and a few other things for $3. Score. I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things and spent the rest of the night in except for taking Lucky on a 75-minute walk just to burn off some energy.

    Yesterday I went running really early and did some cleaning (our house is really bothering me right now, I guess b/c I'm anxious that we haven't moved yet?), and then drove out to the 'burbs to watch my friend's 4th grade basketball team play and grab lunch with her afterward. They won, as usual. She's a good coach. And then last night I just caught up with some phone calls and did some work.

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  • Friday I got a call from school that Carter had gotten something in his eye. They said he was okay and I didn't hear back. When L went to pick him up he was shielding his eye and in obvious pain. L took him to urgent care and he'd scratched his cornea.  We watched Cars 1 in preparation of seeing Cars 2.

    Saturday Carter's eye seemed fine and he said it didn't hurt. I took the kids to swimming lessons (got permission from the doc) and half way through, Carter got out saying he was cold. I figured it was just the pool was cool and thought he would warm up at the playground (we were hosting a playgroup for Rainbow Families.) But we got there and he sat on my lap the entire time (just as we were leaving N2A and TWB showed up! Sorry we missed you!) L took Gray to lunch and to get a haircut and I took Carter home. When we got home, he had a temp of 103.2. Sigh. I took him back to urgent care to make sure it wasn't affiliated with his eye (it wasn't, just a flukey thing.) We rested/watched movies and then started our indoor campout We grilled hot dogs and made smores on the grill. We set up a little tent in the living room and played board games. They slept in their sleeping bags in our room (because neither of us really wanted to sleep on the couch in the living room!) Carter was up off and on all night with a fever.

    Sunday Carter was feeling better so we went to breakfast. And to see Cars 2 (CT - I'll post a review in that thread!) Came home and took a family nap. Gray wanted to go to the pool but I didn't think Carter needed to since he was still running a low grade fever on and off so he went grocery shopping with me while L took Gray to the pool. Kids went to bed early and L watched True Blood. Ugh.

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  • Totally didn't see this post when I posted my happy Monday one.  Oops.

    Friday - I took DD down to the capital to see democracy in action :-p  We stayed for a few hours joining in the rally prior to the senate voting on marriage equality.  DD watched, smiled, and waved at everyone. Even though the rally was really loud it didn't seem to bother her.  We left after about two hours because it was past her bed time and then I watched the vote from home.

    Saturday - had a few local ladies and babies over for a playdate.  It was simple but nice.  Then DD and I went to the pride center to help Norika and friends celebrate their hard work in getting marriage equality passed.

    Sunday - we went to a local park and watched some ducks.  Ran a few errands and then had a simple night at home.  I organized all of LO's old clothes into matching rubbermaid containers.  I managed to get the clothes down to four bins but really - 0-9 month clothes filled 4 huge bins!? (and that was after throwing out stained or good will pieces) The child had way toooo many clothes. :-p


  • Fri: Ky and I were in IN with our firends and when she woke up for her 6 AM bottle she did not go back down. So I chased her around downstairs while everyone else snoozed upstairs until about 8:30 or so. Around 10 we were al;l ready to begin our IN zoo adventure....except for Ky who insisted on an AM nap around 930 lol. We stopped at the store on the way as I was the only one without an umbrella stroller and buying one was only $5 more than renting one at the zoo. We also had to get Starbucks (my poor deprived NE friend insisted). The zoo was a blast. Indianapolis has an AMAZING zoo, you get super close to the animals. Ky had a really great time and did not start melting down until the dolphin show. She was fine as long as the dolphins were doing tricks but during the times the trainers were talking she was fussy. As soon as she got back in her stroller after the show she was OUT! After a couple more animals and a gift shop trip we were back on the road. We did a drive by photog of Lucas Oil Stadium for DW. Even though she is a die hard cheesehead sh still appreciates the NFL stuff in general. By the time we got back throiugh downtown rush hour traffic L and I packed to head back to Dayton. It was sad to say goodbye, knowing the six of us (L, K, Ky and our three girls) would not be together again for a while Crying After a wrong turn, we made it home about 2 hours after we left. Ann helped me carry all my stuff and a sleeping Ky in. We went to bed shortly after.

    Sat: Work came early. I picked up Ky after work and we went home and I ordered dinner. Ann and I sat on the couch all night despite me needing to catch up on laundry and everythign else I usually do on Fridays.

    Sun: I got up early and went to the airport to pick up the carseat L borrowed for the week she was in, I made the lady at the rental car desk validate my parking since I stood in front of the counter for 30+ minutes fuming while waiting on someone to help me....there was no line, there was also NO employee in sight! Made very unhappy by the lady at the counter, I also almost said something really rude to the man in the elevator that made some nasty comment about Ky's pjs under his breath....seriously not the morning to do it buddy. By the time I made it home Ann was up and had made some toast for me and Ky (her idea of cooking breakfast) and we all got ready to go out shopping. We found some really cool Packers memoribilia at the flea market and I got a new knock off purse and sunglasses. We also found a rocking horse thing for Ky that is exactly like the one she fought over at her grandma's house. We dropped Ky off and then got ready to go see the Lion King at the Schuster center. It was AMAZING! I loved every minute of it. I dropped Ann off at home so she could have the dogs out and Ky's room ready for bed while I grabbed the sleeping munchkin form my mom's house. When I got home I crashed on the couch while Ann played Black Ops.

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  • Friday was Sprout's graduation.  In case you weren't aware, watching 20 4/5 year olds do the robot is so.freaking.cute. It was a proud event :) I just cant believe how very far he's come in a year and a half.  I kept getting misty watching my little man.  It was also bittersweet to say goodbye to his preschool teachers who are so incredible.  After graduation we had a mini party at my parents house - it was nice for Sprout :)

    Saturday morning I went to a strolle fitness class with the girls while Sprout and DW went shopping.  The girls were content in their stroller the whole time (shocking!), but were kinda antisocial which isn't like them at all. In the afternoon we all headed to a baby shower and had a lot of fun.

    Sunday we did a trial run mothers' helper thing with the woman (girl?) who is coming with us on vacation.  The kids did great. She did great. It eased a lot of my worries.  In the afternoon we went to a bridal shower.  Daisy was all smiles and loved getting passed around and I got lots of cuddle time with my niece. In the evening DW was off to softball and Daisy and I fell asleep on the couch :)

    It felt like a really busy, but nice weekend.

  • Friday we had lunch with a friend and went to Old Navy so I could buy a pair of Mom Shorts.  I dropped J off at work, took A to her Dads and came home.

    Saturday I worked in the garden and helped J install a window AC in the girls room.  We had dinner at a teppan place, yum!

    Sunday I cleaned the house and did laundry.

  • Friday I took the day off to go on E's end of the school year trip to the zoo and ABC club celebration. E's dad came too and E had a great time. The teacher planned a sub.way sandwich lunch for the kids in the party room attached to the carousel. The kids got to take as many carousel rides as they wanted. Then they had a cake and each kid got a medal and the teacher had some words to say about their reading skills. Was I the only mommy who got teary?Crying I was so proud of E, she is growing up so fast. After the party E went with her dad for the weekend so that I could do seattle pride. That night my gf and I met some friends for drinks on "the hill" (gay part of town) and just enjoyed hanging out.

    Saturday we volunteered a few hours at the booth for our outdoor adventures group. Then we hung out with another friend and wandered around seeing the other booths and festivities. We tailgated with a great lesbian couple who we are becoming good friends with, had dinner and beers and then went to a girl party at a lesbian bar. It was not too late of a night for us because we had to be up on Sunday.

    Sunday we rode K's scooter in the parade. I had purchased decorations and K had two huge pride flags and we were all decked out. We had a pink flamingo taped to the handlebars which we wrapped with a rainbow boa, streamers, etc. There were tons of people taking photos of us. After the parade we wandered around the pride festival and then went back to the hill to meet a friend getting off work for a beer, had dinner and went home to crash.

  • Weekend was filled with BUSY work.

    Getting Nursery ready - building the toy box, setting up monitor, decorating and I also tried to tackle organizing the garage.  

    We went car shopping and  well I want them all and Melanie just  cant get over how shitty the financing is.  Its horrendous! I think we should get rid of both our cars 93 buick GRANDPA MOBILE and My 98 Piece of Jeep  and just get one car. We work from home so why not? At least for like 6 months - we can save on the insurance and such .. I dunno.

     Back to the salt minds- but have so much to do BABIES ARE COMING in 17Days!

    Awww freak out song comes to mind!


    Wow - everyone looks like that had fun !!!

     Butterfly- how are the MOM shorts - I am sure you found cute ones.  

    Trying to :  OMG  48.43 wow i need to do this but they rarely have coupons for vegetarian stuff.. Maybe i should get the sunday paper after all.  

    - J
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