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What were your first couple of days PT-ing like?

We started yesterday with Aidan, and I have no idea what to expect. I read the 3 Day method, and I'm basing things VERY loosely there. He still always has a full diaper after naps/bed, so I did diapers for that yesterday, and regular underwear the rest of the day. He did great -- he peed on the potty every 50 minutes or so, and even pooped for the first time ever on the potty! He had one small accident, and told me he was 'soaked' right away. He earned a small toy for all his pees on the potty, and a couple of choc-covered pretzels for the poop, although I'm hesitant to use too many rewards/bribing.

This morning, he's already had two pee accidents and one poop accident (and peed a couple of times on the potty -- only been up for about 90 min.) but this time he didn't tell me one of the pee times. I don't know if it's because he was focused on watching Mickey Mouse on tv, or because he was embarrassed. He did tell me with the other 2 accidents. Seems odd that today, he's already had a couple accidents where yesterday he had one all day.

I'm home for the summer, and that's why I'm trying now. He speaks in full sentences/conversations, so there's no issue with communication. But I'm okay if he's not ready, and if we have to, trying again in a few months. How long did you give it if you realized your LO wasn't ready?

Just wondering what your first few days were like PT-ing, how often you did put them on the potty, how many accidents they had per day, when did they start telling you before they had to go, etc....TIA!
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Re: What were your first couple of days PT-ing like?

  • Today is our first day. We had 4 changes within the first 2 hours. 2 of the times we were able to finish peeing in the potty. 
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  • Today is our first day.  He didn't quite "get it" at first, and would dribble a little bit at a time on the floor.  After he did that a few times, I started setting a timer for every hour or so and when the timer went off, he would sit on the potty and do a big "pee".  He hasn't peed on the floor since we started with the timer.  He hasn't pooped in the potty yet, and I can tell he is holding it, so I'm curious to see how that plays out.  He is napping right now, and I have him in a pair of training underwear and a diaper cover (we CD).  I think I might put him in a diaper for nighttime.
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