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Does anyone know of any good RE's in the central maine area? I have been to Coastal Women's in Portland.. and honestly, she refused to work with me until I lost weight to TTC. I've lost weight (not as much as I should but I am working on it!) and she still says weight is the number one thing I need to work on before TTC.

My dx is PCOS, amenorrhea, and hx of DVTs so I know seeing a RE is my best bet! Heck, even a really good OB/GYN that would be willing to go over clomid etc would be fantastic!

 thanks :)

Re: RE's?

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  • RE = Reproductive Endocrinologist? I think there's a great endocrinology practice right down the road from Coastal Women's in Scarborough... 



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  • Not Central Maine, but an alternative that might be a better experience for you is Dr. Daniel Spratt with Maine Medical Partners (across from Maine Medical Center in Portland).  He is absolutely great!  He has a great way of instilling hope and his nurses are very responsive and are constantly communicating with patients. 
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  • RE = reproductive endocrinologist :)

    I've been to Coastal and really had mixed feelings there. She didn't want to look at me as a whole person, rather a simple condition of PCOS. It was frustrating to say the least. At least she did find that I have no evidence of pre cancerous cells and my uterus is healthy, but still.. was kind of a bummer!

     --I will check the other place out in Portland! I like when the doctor and nursing staff work as a unit to treat. I have a few other underlying issues that will need to be addressed.. IVF/IUI really are not an option as I can't take hormonal stimulants so I hope a doctor will be able to help me figure out my body!

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