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Afraid of the Toilet

My daughter has been interested in the potty for about a month now. We bought her a potty and she would sit on it all the time. On Monday I asked if she needed to pee after her nap and she said yes and peed on it right away. Now she is terrified to even sit on it again. How do I get her over this fear and back to potty training?

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Re: Afraid of the Toilet

  • DD is afraid to go on the potty too. She'll happily sit and flush saying "bye bye tinkles" (even though there's nothing there but the water). I'm just not sure how to help her get past her fear of just going.
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  • We're having a similar issue, so I don't have any words of advice. Our daughter is afraid of public restrooms. Curious and reports she needs to go, but the minute we open the door she starts to freak out and wants out. She'll say she doesn't need to go anymore. She's just beginning PT- she initiated late last week, but the bathroom fear for all bathrooms except home and daycare has been long standing.
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