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Stomach Bug

DD has been sick all week with a stomach bug.  I think she is finally starting to feel better.

I've started cleaning and disinfecting. I cleaned all her crib linens, wiped down the crib and mattress with clorox wipes, sprayed the glider and living room furniture with lysol, cleaned the high chair with clorox wipes.

What else do I need to disinfect?  Should I spray her non-washable toys with lysol too?  What about her books?

 I'm ready for this to be gone.


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Re: Stomach Bug

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    DS has had the bug twice once in November and just last month. I did everything you listed including non-washables and books. Also disinfected the whole house, floors, door handles, remotes, light switches, threw out all toothbrushes replaced with new. The first round he shared it with everyone which was awful! Glad to hear she is feeling better it really does wipe their systems out.
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