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Potty Training

no interest in potty training

my DS just turned 2 and we have been talking to him about going on the potty. We also took the potty out, showed it to him and him sit on it.

He has NO interest in going on the potty at all. I ask him and he says no. I'm just curious if I should continue to try, let him go, it's too early to start and he will go when he is ready? Or is it too early?  I don't want to push the issue and make going on the potty a stressful situation for him but don't know how long to wait and if he will ever want to go? Any suggestions, stories, anything would be helpful. TIA.

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Re: no interest in potty training

  • I would just let it go for a little while and try again later.  My neighbor did that and then one day at 2.5 her son was interested and ready and didn't go back to diapers at all. 
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