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living will?

hi again girls,

did any of you set up a living will?  how did you find your attorney?  any recs? we definitely want to make sure our 'lil babe is taken care of....  i'm probably crazy, but i'm trying to get as many things taken care of ahead of time, because i'm afraid i won't have time once the baby arrivies.  TIA!!

Re: living will?

  • The best way is always by referral. I do a networking group weekly and have met a few attorneys this way. The one I've really been liking is Macie Hawkes of Hawkes law firm. She does a full plan and will's for a really decent price.

    Going through an attorney is the only way to make sure your wishes are carried out. The whole print a will online and get it notorized is bolony. Believe me I've asked. those go to probate all the time. Macie also gives free legal advice. her number is 480-442-5255. tell her Jennifer Riggs gave you her number

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