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When to switch to training pants?

We've had the potty in the house since DD was 18 months, and she has never done anything but sit on it up until the last 4 days. She has now pee'd on the potty 4 times in as many days (once per day). We are REALLY not pushing it since she's still pretty young (will be 2 in August) and we are expecting #2 in July. But, she is clearly interested and ready to start.

When is a good time to move her into training pants? She will only ask to use the potty if she is diaper-less, if she is wearing a diaper she won't ask. We really don't want to push her, not at all interested in 3-day thing at this point, but of course we'd be thrilled if she was PT sooner than later (who wouldn't be!). So - any advice?

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Re: When to switch to training pants?

  • we just trained my DS at almost 3.  he had been going in the potty 1 or 2 times per day, when we asked.  he's old enough now that it was so easy!  we just put him right into underpants (diapers at bedtime).  he had 2 accidents the first day, one the second day, but other than that, he's been great!  

    my advice would be to wait until she is REALLY ready, and it will be so easy!  plus, with LO #2 coming very soon, DD #1 might regress a little anyway.

    good luck! 

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