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Mom groups?

Hi Ya'll! I'm due in July and new to the NOLA area. Actually I live in La Place. Just wondering if there are any mommy groups out there I can join when LO arrives. I'm willing to travel.....

Re: Mom groups?

  • There's a couple on  I haven't been able to attend any of the meetups, but that's just because of timing.  I'm going to try to make one this afternoon tho.

    There's also Infancy to Independence (I-to-I) and The Parenting Center.  I want to go take a look at TPC this week sometime to see about joining now that I can comfortably get out of the house with both little ones.

  • I'm in Laplace, too! How long have you lived here? Feel free to PM me if you need anything! I don't hang out on The Bump much anymore, but I do check it every other day or so.

    I find a lot of the mommy groups are scheduled more to the SAHM than the working mom. Locally, the libraries do lapsits/storytime and some of the moms do their own playdates with people they meet at the those. The previous poster also mentioned a few that I've heard of, but never been to.

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