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XP: Would you go?

My DH got an email for hotel and tickets to Disney World for 4 nights for a really decent price.  The only thing is we'd have to go Aug. 12-16.  I'm a teacher and have to go back to work on the 17th of Aug.  We'd be driving so that is a 15hr car ride too, there and back.  I'm just worried about it being really hot and then stressing about returning to work the day after a 15hr. car ride.  Plus my last semester of grad school starts that week too.  Would you go or wait until another time?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The kicker with this is I've been trying to convince DH to go to WDW sometime in the near future and he hasn't been into it (he's never been), but now that he's got this deal he's all for it and is upset with me that I'm almost nixing it due to the timing.    

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Re: XP: Would you go?

  • How good of a deal is it?  Are you sure it's legit?
  • It's totally legit.  DH stayed at the hotel for a conference 2 years ago and they send him emails about deals.  This one just stood out for him.  It's a hotel on Disney property.
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  • Well, the average high temp in August isn't really any higher than July... and only slightly higher than June.   And, any time you'd be able to go during the school year - there will be crazy crowds (since you can't really take non-peak times off)...

    As long as your husband is willing to do most of the driving, I'd probably go.   Sure, it's a long trip and the following week will be rough.  But, you'll get to take the girls to WDW!  :)   It'll be a good last hurrah before starting back to school.

  • Don't go by me - If it were me there is no way I would do a 15 hour drive then start work the next day.  But I'm a total road-trip wimp anymore.  To me car trips with kids deserve their own circle in Dante's Inferno.

    And if grad school starts that week, won't you be missing classes?

    I wonder if he can call about the offer and see if it can done another time that's more convenient for you guys?  I assume it's a great deal because it's an off time?  (I know nothing about Disney World, but I can only imagine mid-end-of-August is a time a lot of people don't go).   There might be another off time to go?


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  • I would go only if we'd fly, no way am I driving that far


  • IMO, I would go.

    You know the first day back to teaching is just a work day.  It would be ok if you aren't 100%, and I'm sure once people hear about the vacation they will understand!

  • I'd go...we drove 14 hours for spring break down to FL, and it was totally worth it and SO much better than I'd anticipated. And, I'm a teacher too, and you'd have a great story for the first day back! Plus no kiddos, so you wouldn't have to be quite as "on" as usual!


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  • I would go...the super overwhelming feeling you feel on the first day will be the same weather you spend the day before in the car or sitting at home...
  • How well do you think your daughter will handle waiting in long lines in the heat? That would be the deciding factor for me. Have you ever been to WDW in the summer? It's really hot!
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  • nope, no chance I'd do it. but I'm not the best person to ask because I can't stand Disneyworld :-)

    But even it if was some place in Florida that I really did want to go see, I wouldn't be excited at all about going their in August--blech. And the 15hr car ride, right before going back to work sounds like pure torture. 

    Is there any chance that you can call the company offering the deal and find out if they will be doing anymore deals like this later? 

  • JKM416JKM416 member

    Having just been to Disney in March, I lean towards no (sorry!).  If you go back to work on the 17th, that means you'd miss time at Disney on the 16th, if I'm reading it right.  So you'd be paying for a day on the park hopper pass that you wouldn't even get to use?  Also, while it probably won't be as much of a mob scene as it would be in July, it'll still be plenty crowded and HOT.  Florida humidity and sun are relentless, plus sometime in the summer is the "rain every afternoon" season (maybe it's done by August).  We have friends who went in May and said the heat drained everyone.  When planning our trip, I pictured hot, overtired, overstimulated, cranky kids (and me...) if we went any later than March.  If I'm going to spend the time and money and effort on a trip to Disney, I don't want to cut any corners or make too many compromises.

    It sounds like you're a teacher, so I understand the problem with taking time off.  However, Disney runs specials throughout the year for its own hotels, so there deals can be found.  Plus AAA offers discounts, and some hotels (on property but not run by Disney) offer teacher deals.  Maybe you could plan ahead over a long weekend so you could travel (fly) Thursday evening, use the four-day park pass Friday to Monday (which would be a day off anyway), and come home on Tuesday?

    The long round-trip car ride, the crunch of school and work (could you fully relax on the trip?), and the weather would convince me to go some other time...those are deal-breakers in my book.  However, if the heat doesn't bother you much, the deal is really great, and you can't forsee another opportunity in your schedules in the next year or so, don't listen to me  :)  Your DD is at a good age: old enough to handle a lot of what the trip would throw at her, but young enough to get caught up in the Disney Magic.

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  • rnin02rnin02 member
    If my DH was willing to go to Disney, I would jump at the chance! But I am a Disney freak and we haven't been able to go since 2007.
  • I would go, especially if you don't think DH is going to want to go again anytime soon.
  • I don't like long car rides so I would probably fly- but if it is a good deal and DH is onboard- I would go.

    I am not a teacher but when you start back to work it is without students, right? 

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