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Only wants mommy...

Anyone else's LO going through a "very clingy with mommy" phase?

My DD wants me all the time... she gives DH hell when I'm working and he has her. She's a little better with female figures, but not entirely happy unless she's with me. 

Is this normal?

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Re: Only wants mommy...

  • I'm going through this (and have been for about 6 weeks) too.  But DD will scream for hours no matter who is watching her, until she finally falls asleep.  It breaks my heart for both the person watching her, and DD.
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  • My DD has also started this. She does better if she doesn't see me before I leave, like if I leave during a nap. But if I'm in the house, even upstairs, she know and will not quit screaming until I pick her up. She will sit in my lap and laugh and smile for other people, but will scream horribly if they try to hold it. Pedi said its just a phase as she starts to learn that just because I walk away doesn't mean I'm gone. All I know is I hope it ends soon! Its exhausting.

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  • Lucas doesn't mind being with other people, but once it's nap time, he wants me. MH travels a lot and feels bad when Lucas is screaming with him. Now that he's giving him a bottle more often, Lucas likes hanging out with him.
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    My daughter only wants mommy and daddy. She will go to other people, but after about 10 min or so, she's over it and wants one of us.

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