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Unswaddling success!

LO has been waking up really sweaty from the swaddle so we decided to try to unswaddle this weekend. So far, so good! It did take him longer to go to sleep but his wakeups were normal. Naps will be a little harder, I think.
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Re: Unswaddling success!

  • Might be too late, but it's OK to only swaddle for naps if you're worried about the transition.
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  • That's great!  That was a big step for us with DS.  My girls wriggled out of the swaddle pretty early, but I think DS would have let us swaddle him indefinitely, so we had to work at getting him off of it.
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  • That is great! DS is still all abou the swaddle, even though he is strong enough to bust out of just about anything, so we just bought muslin blankets to do a cool,  arms only swaddle for these hot summer days and nights.
  • So after four unswaddled nights, I think we can call it a success. He may actually be happier unswaddled because he can access his hands and feet.

    We had been one-arm swaddling for some naps and some nights for about 2 weeks, so it wasn't totally cold-turkey. It is really cute to see him wake up and wave his hands in the air.

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