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Does anyone use the henry ford health system? or the macomb hospital at 19 and garfield?  I was talking with my current gyn and they said they only offer one u/s at 20 weeks.  I always see ppl with numerous u/s though there pregnancy, is this normal for just one?


from other post I'm still looking into new gyn/ob but wanted to see what mine offers first.

Re: Henry ford macomb hospital

  • It is totally normal to only get one u/s in a normal healthy pregnancy. I only had two u/s with DS. One was at 20 weeks and the other was the day they induced me to check my fluid levels. If you opt for the quad screen and other tests they do u/s with those as well. We didn't, so in essence we only had the one. Totally normal.
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  • I agree - it's totally normal to only have one ultrasound. At my OB they do one @ 8 weeks and then again @ 20 weeks. I have many friends who only have one @ 20 weeks. 
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    Ok, I just thought since I always see ppl with all these different stages of u/s that it was something they do regularly.  Thanks
  • Yes, it's perfectly normal to only have 1 u/s during a healthy pregnancy. I was only due for 1 at 20 weeks. Due to fluid issues, I had another at 28 weeks and then another at 37 weeks to check her size because I had gestational diabetes.

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  • I go to Dr. levin. He is the building next to Henry Ford Macomb. I got 2 ultrasounds. One dating the pregnancy and one at 20 minutes. I also got one at 32 weeks, but this was more because they thought something was wrong with the growth.
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  • I also see Dr Levin.  He did one at our first appointment to date as well.  I will have another done around 20 weeks and that will be it unless there is a need for more.
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  • My dr's office normally only does one at 20 weeks, but since I was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was measuring ahead, they did another 2 days ago just to check baby's growth.  I will have another closer to my due date to check baby's size again. 
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