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Everything's ready; except me

So, our alarm is set to go off in 3 hours. We have to be at the hospital at 530 and doc says we'll have a baby by 715. My parents are already in town. Friends have already called to find out what time they can come by to visit at the hospital. The nursery is complete and ready; all his clothes are washed and put away. Our bags are packed, car seat is in the truck, and DH is asleep. Everything is in place and ready for LO to be here. But what am I doing? FREAKING OUT!  I had a big ole cry fest last night to DH about how things are never going to be the same, it's not gonna be just us anymore, what if LO wont bond with me, what if I'm a bad mom....that whole spill. Then, it happened again this morning. And again while ago when we went to bed. Oh, and not to mention, when we dropped our dogs off at the in-laws this evening, I balled like I'd never see them (the dogs) again. I'm so sleepy and tired, but I just cant get my mind to wind down and get clear so I can fall asleep.

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Re: Everything's ready; except me

  • I am sure you will feel differently by about 7:15am, but if it makes you feel any better I am kinda going through the same thing, only I still have 10 weeks left.  I am starting to get really anxious.  Just remember, things may not be the same, they will be better!  Good luck!  My t & p are with you today!
  • ojgistojgist member

    I"m starting to feel this same way and I have 9 more weeks! I think it is normal and just blame it on the hormones :)

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  • I hope you are doing well and was able to rest some before going in :)
  • ricejlricejl member
    Once the baby comes you will still be saying "remember when..." but it is all so worth it when you hold that little guy and he looks at you and smiles.
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  • I know you've already had him, but I didn't sleep much the night before I was induced either. It's normal!
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