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Potty Training

Now he wants to pee like daddy.

I knew this would happen but we are just finishing our second week of potty training and I didn't see it happening this soon.  DH works a lot and I am the main person on the potty training front. Right now DS1 is insisting on peeing like daddy, meaning standing while peeing.  What is the best approach on this?  Suggestions?  TIA

Re: Now he wants to pee like daddy.

  • I've seen a couple urinals for boys. One of them is, I think, Peter Potty but it's always sold out everywhere unless you want to pay close to $200 for it. Another option is one that somehow connects to your toilet. I believe it sits under the seat on the side of it.

    DS loves to pee standing up so I keep looking for a good one for him but our bathroom is too small for him to be in there with DH. 

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