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For you - Thanks for inquiring ? about me!

I?ve not had access to mine or any computer for over a week now! We?ve been without power here since 3:27pm Wednesday ?til 9:55am today so I?ve been unable to see what was/is going on. Out where we built our house is a total disaster area (I?d compare it to a war zone) nothing is left!

Nine families out in our area have been up-rooted due to the devastation - a tornado is not something you want to experience (first hand) - ever!

No one can imagine (that is) who has not been through one has any idea just how powerful, devastating, or destructive these things really are. I can?t imagine how we survived not being killed, how we escaped - except by the grace of GOD! I?m convinced He?s some special plan/purpose for me - fulfill before He calls my home.

I suffered a broken arm, cuts, bruises, as well as loss of my (our) house - totally gone everything in the blink of an eye including two of our vehicles - my ?09 Mustang, Fred?s ?94 Toyota pick-up but we have our lives. Mom was down with us planning to stay ?til the 14th when she would be returning home with dad; but she?s instead returned home due to this storm! Eirinn and I?ve been staying with a friend from our church.

Fred missed out on all the excitement since he left for California Wednesday morning before those tornadoes hit us here. He?s supposed to return on Sunday afternoon.

I sincerely pray that no one here on suffered losses of life, limb, or property - that their lives are not up-rooted by these disasters we suffered this past Wednesday a week ago. May God have blessed you all with no real problems - saying other than inconvenience of being without power!

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