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so when did you....

start exercising again after you LO was born? And if you have more then 1 child how? I try to take my girls for walks, but DD#1 isnt very cooperative and without sidewalks in our neighborhood I dont feel safe taking her on my own. 

My gym says I have to wait till LO is 3mnths old min (shes 5wks now) nbefore I can take her there to the daycare. Also what is good easy exercising that maybe I can do at home. My goal is to eventually be down to what I was back in like 05 (130) so lookin to lose 40lbs. FUN!  Any tips are welcomed tho!

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Re: so when did you....

  • We have a double jogger.  I'd put my two older kids in their last summer and wear #3 in the sling.  I'd walk at least if I were you!!
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    DD doesn't do well in the stroller in the neighborhood but she does at the zoo, so I've taken the kids to the zoo just so I could get some exercise. :) Might sound crazy but we have a zoo pass so it's fun for her and I get to get in shape (or at least try!)I've tried putting DD in the sling and pushing DS in the stroller but if he starts crying then what?? So that hasn't worked either... Good luck! I looked at gyms yesterday so I'll be going back soon, all 3 said I could bring DS as long as he was 6 weeks old (he's 7 1/2 weeks). Maybe you could ask about that?
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