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Arcuate Uterus

I just found out that I have an arcuate uterus along with PCOS.  I am really nervous since PCOS and an arcuate uterus pose a higher risk for m/c and perterm labor.  My RE also tols me that he doesn't want me carrying more than one baby at a time.

 Are there any success stories out there with a similar situation?  Any advice will help!  Thanks :)

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Re: Arcuate Uterus

  • I have an arcuate uterus, and everything is going well with this pregnancy so far. I did have a previous ectopic, but it's impossible to know why.

    My RE wasn't too concerned about me having an arcuate uterus and said it shouldn't pose an issue. Good luck!

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  • I have an arcuate uterus and I'm carrying twins. My RE said that an arcuate uterus wasn't a big deal.
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  • I had a bunch of testing done for an arcuate uterus but it was ruled out. In that time I did a bunch of reading and asked questions. My RE said it was just a variation of normal and would not change much about a pregnancy
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  • I've been dx'd as having a bicornate ute.  Not the same thing, but there are a fair number of us here with 'uterine abnormalities'. 

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  • I was diagnosed with an arcuate ute and had a successful pregnancy. It was the least of my OB's worries.
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  • I have a very slight arcuate uterus.  But it's very slight.  My OB still was a little concerned about multiples, especially since I was on Clomid.  He also was concerned about where the baby might implant.  But everything worked out just great with implantation.  And I only have one baby in there, so it should be good.  GL!
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