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XP: Moving Company Recs?

Hi All,

I also posted this on the Chicago nesties board- but figured I'd check here too (new here- hi!)

I'm looking for a reliable, credible mover to move us from Chicago (lake view) to NW suburbs.  I've gotten quotes from a few of the top rated companies on Yelp, but they are really expensive, and just wondering if there's any other companies out there that are good that won't cost a fortune to move our stuff. 


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Re: XP: Moving Company Recs?

  • What about two men and a truck? I know people that have used them and have heard that their prices are pretty reasonable.

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  • We used Dibble Moving and Storage: http://www.dibblemoving.com/ twice this year.  They moved us into a temporary residence, then into our house.  Both times they completed the work well under their estimate.  We requested the same movers for our second move: Mike T, Byron and Miguel.  They were nice but didn't spend time chatting. 

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  • spending anything these days is too much IMO, heh, but we've had The Professionals move us twice so far and they are worth every single friggin penny and then some.
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  • Roy the Mover.

    We moved from the NW side of the city to the western burbs, had 3 pickup stops and they were done in 5 hours.  Reasonable pricing and SO fast.  I loved it.  

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  • Graeble Van Lines, Chet Painter is great.
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  • Try the universities/colleges in your area. We always just get a U-Haul and then hire 2-3 college students to do the heavy lifting. Super cheap and we've been lucky that they've always been reliable.
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