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daycare drop off...done.

Sprout was totally unfazed by being dropped off, but I was a little teary.

I know he'll be fine.  I know he'll have a great time.  All the other kids were all excited about his arrival & there's another few babies around his age, so he'll make lots of new friends.

but, as his irrational mommy, I miss him.  My husband didn't really understand why this is a big deal to me last night (I think he experienced this when Sprout was 2wks old & he went back to work...a long time ago) so I just need to whine to someone....


Re: daycare drop off...done.

  • Aww, we understand. Hope all goes well and Sprout has a good time and the transition goes OK for you!
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  • Awww. Of course you miss him! That first dropoff is tough. It will get easier when you see how much fun he is having.
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  • I think we all understand! I did a transition week before I went back to work and literally cried every day. I learned the key is to keep yourself busy, which is probably pretty obvious, but didn't seem so at the time.

    You'll soon be at the point where Sprout doesn't want to go home because he's having too much fun (which is basically where we are now).

    You'll get through it!

  • Good for you to even doing the drop off. I made DH do it the first day so I wouldn't have to deal with the emotional part of it. I'm sure he'll do great though. DD really liked the daycare and she got so much love, attention and stimulation there.
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  • I made DH go with me the first day. 

    It only gets easier from here.

  • Aww.... the first day is tough, but it gets easier.

    I have to admit I'm glad DH does daycare drop-offs and I do pick-ups.
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  • It's hard.  Give yourself time to get adjusted.  Hugs.
  • Hugs to you!!!  Left HugRight Hug
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  • Every time I have a hard time at drop off, I remind myself how great pick up will be! Those days when they cry, though, make it extra hard. Hope all goes well!

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