POLL: Where are you Adopting from?

Which State (where agency is located) or Country are you adopting from?

Any particular reason why you chose that state or country?

Re: POLL: Where are you Adopting from?

  • 1. Undecided on state...but we have it narrowed down to a few...

    2. Just trying to find the agency we are most comfortable's all about having that feeling :)

  • I am pretty sure that if we do end up adopting, that our baby will be born in Korea. 

     My husband is still making 100% sure that he's on board with our plans, and then we will start our homestudy!  I can't wait, but in the meantime I'm so busy reading, reading, reading!

     We chose international adoption because we have two biological children (a boy and a girl) and all the adoption agencies I spoke to domestically said we'd be waiting for years.  At first, we were going with Guatemala, but with the news of it closing down, we got scared and dropped out.  I've been looking at all our options for years now and really Korea is the perfect fit.  Another country that I do think would be a good fit for us is Kyrgyzstan.  But it looks like Korea will win out because the children are in fostercare and most of the time, from what I am reading, you can find out a little bit about the birthparents.  Also, the medical care is supposed to be superb!

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  • Haiti. We just "stumbled upon" it when we began looking (obviously we knew of Haiti before, but had never looked into its culture, history, etc. in depth). We fell in love with the country's rich history.
  • Our facilitator was in California, our son was born in Indiana.

     We knew it was the right program for us, so we went with it.

  • our agngecy was out og utah and our birthmom gave birth in ohio.
  • We are trying to adopt from Louisiana.  They have a great program here that comes highly recommended and since DH and I could not agree on a country for an international adoption, we decided to go local.
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  • We're undecided on an agency, but are leaning toward one in our home state. It just worked out that they are the one we're currently most comfortable with.
  • Our facilitator was in Georgia.  The agency we adopted from was in Texas and that is where our DS was born.

    We chose our facilitator because I had a friend who adopted with them.  They were awesome.  They helped us with our profile and pointed us towards agencies that were very safe.  The agency we adopted from called our facilitator looking for a family and they chose us.  We got the call and the next day we were holding our son. 

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  • We adopted from an agency that works with BMs from all states, but our BM was frrom CO.
  • Our agency is in NC (I'm not sure how many different areas it covers as far as BMs go) and we chose our agency based on recommendations from friends who adopted through them as well as how impressed we were with the seminar we attended.
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  • we chose Ethiopia. we read country profiles in out international adoption books and then once we started learning about the culture, we fell in love. it just fit for us.
  • We, too, used a consultant in GA.  I actually work with them now, that's how great our experience was:)  Our daughter was born in Utah.  We live in KY.  How's that for going all over the country? :)  But, I woudn't change a thing.  It was the perfect fit for us.
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  • We are adopting from Peru because we love the idea of adopting from South America.  We haven't been to Peru (we're going in two weeks!), but we have been to Argentina and Chile, and fell in love. Neither of those countries really have international adoption programs to speak of, so we started investigating other South American countries that do.

    What we found was that Peru is a very poor nation in which many families simply cannot support their children. There are many older children for adoption there, many of whom have lived with their families for some time, because their parents cannot take care of them any longer. It's heartbreaking; often the children are relinquished after one parent dies and the surviving parent can no longer manage to support the entire family alone. There are also many "street children" in Peru who do their best to work and scavenge to get by on their own.

    Further research showed us that Peru has, in recent years, been very serious about ensuring the welfare of these children. They are a Hague country, and their process is long and rigorous, but it's because they want to make sure that:
    1) the children are definitely free for adoption; and
    2) the families that adopt them are capable of providing homes in which they will flourish.


    The orphanages in Peru are, by all accounts, very child- developmentally centered (we're hoping to visit one in November to see for ourselves). They provide age-and ability-appropriate education for the children, and do the best to help them overcome delays and unacceptable behaviors.


    The process is a long one?in fact, longer than many other countries?but I?m convinced its because they are trying very hard to make sure everything is done in a very ethical, transparent manner and that they are finding the absolute best family for each child. How could I be disappointed with that?

  • We adopted thru the State of Louisiana...
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