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napping and preschool

Who knows if my son will even still be napping in the fall but he will be going to a preschool program 1-3 days a week (it's a flexible schedule) during the hours of 1130-2.  He usually naps from 1230 to 230-3.  Does anyone else have a similar situation?  I am thinking I could always have him go down for 45 minutes when we get home but I am worried that he is going to act up in preschool etc.


We didn't want to enroll him in a more formal preschool because then he would be in three years.  These would be in the morning.  This one is run by the high school in town and is a lot more just for fun.  Any suggestions?

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Re: napping and preschool

  • Honestly, I wouldn't want to mess with nap time at that age but that's just my opinion. 
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  • He's probably more flexible than you think.  I think our DS1s are around the same age (I think I remember you from the tri boards) and he is really quite flexible with his nap.  I LIKE to have him down by around 1:30, but if he doesn't go down until later he is usually pretty good, especially if he is doing something fun (like I assume going to preschool would be).  We have even skipped naps alltogether at times, and he he does well during the day but needs to go to be a little earlier that night. I'd sign him up, I bet he'd enjoy it and still be ready for a nap when he gets home.
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  • I personally would never pay for a program that had that scheudle.  Sorry but that is just asking for trouble.  My girls are 3 and 4 1/2 and still have a quiet time/nap time from 1-3 everyday in their preschool programs.    I think putting a child down for a nap, even a short one at 3pm is asking for trouble with bedtime.
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