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What kind of Doctor do I need to see for LO?

LO wears a helmet for Plagiocephaly (since 6.5 months, he is now almost 11 mnoths).  He was treated by a PT for slight torticollis when he was about 4 months old .  Lately, he has been tilting his head to one side then putting it back straight.  Always the same side. 

I did some research and have set up a free infant eye exam appt to rule out any vision problems.  I *don't* think it is torticollis as it is not constant tilting/hanging.  I probably need to rule out ear infection with Pedi.

 If not one of these, where do I go next?  With the Plagiocephaly, I am going to always think that it may be related to that and DS#1 never did anything like this nor in all my time working in early intervention (mostly speech)/childcare/babysitting/etc have I ever seen a baby do this although there are plenty of similar posts online when I searched by other parents.

Megan--Mommy to Owen 1.10.07 and Gibson 5.11.10

Re: What kind of Doctor do I need to see for LO?

  • I would say check the ears too. He could have some fluid in there and is trying to get it out.

    Nate sometimes tilts his head too and our PT said that this happens sometimes when kids are teething. I never knew this.

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  • I think head tilting can be a neuro thing.  So maybe a neurologist?  I would ask your pedi though and see what he or she says.  My son was born with craniosynostosis and he also wore a helmet.  I am always worried that the cranio will cause other problems.  My son has a speech delay and it is hard to not connect the two even though I have been told they probably aren't connected. Good luck.  Hopefully it isn't anything abnormal.

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  • I know what you mean about always thinking that anything may be related to the plagio. That's a great idea about going to get your LO an eye exam. If it is neither one of those, I would refer back to the neurologist or neurosurgeon regarding the issue. Also, do you have a pediatric orthopedist? That may be someone to look into possibly if it's related to the torticollis or does the neurologist handle that, as well. I actually have some questions for you regarding the plagio and helmet. I just got LO fitted for a helmet today. She is 7.5 months. We went to the neurologist at 4 mos and he wanted us to wait a few months to see if there would be spontaneous remolding, which did occur. But, now I am hoping that it's not too late and that we will still see an improvement. What is your experience with the helmet so far and is your LO's plagio from deformational/positional plagiocephaly or is it from craniosynostosis? My DD's is from positional and the doctors swear that it is purely cosmetic, but I am not entirely convinced of that. Please tell me your experiences with this. Thanks
  • Update:  Took LO to doctor yesterday and he does in fact have a sinus AND ear infection in the ear/side of head he is tilting.  I took him today for a free eye exam and he did great, super fast, no issues.  Eye doctor said some babies do tilt their heads to not see double but he saw how far he tilts and that was "too far" for correcting vision.  

    So, chalking it up to ear infection.  Hoping the tilt will go away with antibiotics....did not see regular pedi, so if it doesn't go away, will talk to him.

    Megan--Mommy to Owen 1.10.07 and Gibson 5.11.10
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